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Smoked Turkey Recipe On The Po’ Man Grill | How To Smoke A Whole Turkey



Is that turkey skin or is that tree bark? hey guys welcome back to another episode of Baum Grillin'z today we're gonna be doing a turkey and I'm gonna call it the Tamarack turkey because we're gonna try to make the skin look just like bark you know that really nice looking bark you get on those chickens and turkeys that's what we're going for so we're gonna see if we can get that or not I don't know all right so let's get to the cowboy kitchen real quick we've got our grill already heating up and we'll get everything put together let's do it all right so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna lather this bird up with some peanut oil now this is gonna be our binder it's gonna help keep them rubs stuck to that skin and create that bark it's kind of our it's our first foundation really so just kind of lather it all over that bird make sure you get every nook and cranny you can now for our seasonings we're gonna be using the lane's BBQ seasonings I've got the sweet heat and we're gonna pair it with the garlic now I haven't tried these yet but I'm really excited about them they smell amazing and I like what's in them and what's not in them so go ahead and hit that bird and make sure you get it all over it we want it really thick that's how we're going to get this Tamarack bark look so just spread it on there we're gonna flip it over and we're gonna do the other side oh yeah look at that that looks awesome now we're gonna stuff this thing now we've got an onion we've cut it in half we've got a couple apples and we also have some garlic so go ahead and just stuff that inside the turkey there try to fit as much as you can this is gonna kind of help us just beef up this bird a little bit more and kind of help with the cook okay now what we're gonna do is we're gonna inject our turkey here with a little bit of I've got butter Frank's hot sauce and some garlic in here this bird is gonna have so much flavor I don't even know it might be overkill but it's gonna look good okay that turkeys all dressed up and ready for the smoke so I've got the po-man smoker out there and I've got the temperature around 275 300 range we're gonna try to keep it around there and slowly smoke this thing till we get that perfect internal temperature and that great looking bark cuz that's what I'm looking for I'm looking for a really nice looking bird and it's gonna taste fantastic I know that so let's get it out there okay we're over at the po-man smoker grill whatever you want to call it okay we are at the po-man grill and we've got some smoke rolling so let's get our turkey inside there perfect look at that just enough room get our probe we'll put it right in there alright we're gonna close it up and we're gonna leave just a little gap so we can maintain that lower temperature we'll continue to monitor it and we'll check back with you in a minute my shoes so one of the things I really like about this grill is its low profile and I don't mean like how small it is but sometimes you know you might not want to share your barbecue with other I'll show you here here comes my neighbor hey neighbor hey Louis hey what you got cooking oh then no no no we're barbecue I mean we're burning trash oh really it smells just like barbecue no that's only have the finest quality trash here at the balm residence really I could have swore I smelled turkey over here oh I hate really like your car that's really neat oh yeah there's no thing this is my 1991 Subaru hybrid it burns oil and coolant I'm not sure that's how that works yeah see what I'm saying low profile incognito okay so we're about an hour into the cook in our internal temperatures reading around a hundred agrees so we've got another about 65 degrees to go things are looking really good though I mean come take a look at this look at that bark that's gonna be so delicious and it's so excited about this all right well well keep you guys updated okay we're about two hours into the cook and the sun's starting to go down I don't know if it's gonna be daylight when this thing is done but hey it sure looks cool check it out all right that turkey is ready so we've been cooking around three hours here I think oh maybe a little more I'm not sure but we've got the internal temperature of about 165 maybe a little more perfect that's what you need for your turkey so let's pull it out and we'll check it out oh this thing smells amazing and it looks awesome all right let's pull it out took forever I told you guys it would be dark out by the time I got done with this come here party ah look at that that looks awesome just what I wanted all right we're gonna take this on over to the cowboy kitchen we're gonna slice and dice and take a bite oh yeah okay we made it back up here to the cowboy kitchen had a little bit of a walk there I wasn't sure if I was gonna drop the bird but I'm okay and it's okay and it smells amazing I'm so excited to try that so let's just do it let's just try it all right I'm just gonna slice a little bit here oh it's got a beautiful color to it it's a little dark but that's from the smoke and I wish that it wasn't nighttime right now cuz it would look even better in the daylight so all right let's give it a try mmm oh wow that is so good that I can definitely taste the sweet and spicy in that rub and the smoke has penetrated this thing perfectly I mean it's really good and it's got a little heat to it too injecting it with the the butter and the Frank's hot sauce was a really good idea that turned out awesome and take another bite wow that's some bark it's definitely better than the bark I tried at the beginning of the video I'll finish this up real quick that's awesome that is really good so I just wanted to talk about these uh these barbecue rubs real quick these are our lane's bbq and I just stumbled across them on Instagram somebody had a video of a Beer Can Chicken and they were using these spices and I was just like I gotta try it so I went ahead and ordered me some of these and they're awesome I really like them paired together they're excellent so it's it's not a sponsored video but if you want to check them out I'll leave a link down below as well as the rest of the recipe on what I did here so there you have it Tamarac Turkey that was really good the the po-man grill did just fine it held a good temperature I wasn't sure about it but it went just fine for three hours I had to add some coals I don't know within a little while after I started but that was ok I mean what do you expect after three hours of cooking you're gonna need to add some cold so it turned out fine though that the little grill is great all right well there you go I hope you guys enjoy this video if you haven't already like comment subscribe make sure you check out some more of my videos they're gonna pop up here especially this one right here yeah that's how this turkey got to where it is so go check that one out definitely and see some of my silliness if not you've already seen some of it here so thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys in the next episode Baum Grillin'z out!

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