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Hello and welcome to my first cooking show today I will be doing two dishes the whore and the rapist the first one has been cooked many many times over the years and It's too easy to do but I will show you the simple steps so you can do it to any woman Now the second one is a bit tricky a lot of woman have tried it but, it doesn't always work So we'll see if I will be able to make it now for the ingredients we need three men Maybe more it depends on how big of a whore you want her to look like a bowl we add the men Accusations Some nasty words Unsupported story we mix them all together Now you have to be gentle when mixing these men together because, their masculinity is a bit fragile Yeah Now after mixing these stories and these men Really really good We bring this oven pot and we put the mixture inside And then to the next step we take the mixture And we put it in society's double standards Now you can add before you put it in the Society's double standards

You can add some slut shaming if you want And we leave it for two days What? two days!? Why? Because it takes time to break her Reputation in the heat of society Sorry Anyway Now after two days in society's double standards, let's see It's not really hot, but I don't want to touch her after all these rumors We got ourselves a whore Perfect! You've met the right girl, but she refuses to go out with you Why not accuse her of being the whore Here in our company You can because you're a man Our writers are working 24/7 To create the perfect story for you to accuse the woman that you like -who refuses to go out with you- of being a whore Call us Now Why? Because you're a man and you can Now For the rapist We're going to need Women, as mush as we can get because

well it's not going to help but, we need as much as we can get The women The man or the alleged rapist We put rape stories Evidence Witnesses Videos, if we can find we need lawyers and, a trial We mix the ingredients Just like the last time we put the mixture in an oven pot Now we put the mixture in society's double standards And this time we leave it for three to four years It depends actually on how powerful and rich the rapist is the more powerful the more years you have to wait Now after four years, let us see what society's double standards have done for us What the?? Well, obviously it didn't work, we don't have a rapist And I did all the steps I put all the ingredients I don't know why it went wrong Do you??? You

Source: Youtube

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