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Soslu Kara Gözlu Borülce İle Plantain Kazartması Yemeği Yaptık🍌🍲



Hello Friends and welcome to our channel 2 Kıta 1 Aile we told already in our previous video what we will be showing you, what we brought in from Africa for you on this channel if you haven't subscribe yet, please click the red button below to susbcribe and also click on the bell to enable instanat notifications any time we upload today we are going to make Ghana's Plantain with beans sause friends and to do this what ingredients do you need, we already showed you these in our previous video this is plantain if you observe carefully our plantains are more riped now as it was before because we kept it for a while without cooking it when it first came it was green all around and ı suprppose if we keep it for another 1 or 2 days, it will spoil completely Okay again today we are going o fried this plantains and cook this beans stew however this suppose to bt beans but its not but I couln't find beans in turkey here, this is pea blacked-eye pea In Ghana we have the blacked-eye beans that looks similar to this this in Ghana we called it cow pea normally people don't use pea with plantain they prefer beans but today we are going to use this, blacked-eye pea it would work perfectly fine I have use it before we have here our spice mix it contain different spices in it we are going to use tuna fish in our beans stew we have ourtomato paste here here our raw tomatoes we have ginger, onion and green pepper these I am going to use the blender to blend them together first I will start with frying our onions in the sausepan with oil speaking of the oil,in Ghana mostly we use palm kernel oil but here you won't find it so am going to use just a sunflower oil even in the frying of the plantain people use palm kernel oil it gives it a better taste but we don't have it maybe next time we would try to bring it too from Ghana so lets use what we have we will still get a better taste okay guys lets start this cooking I soaked the beans in water for about 5 munites But I didn't keep it for long so its hard so I have to cook it first

now as you can see our beans are here I will now add hot water into it and bolil it and heretoo our hot water its boiled lets add the water and cook it for about 5 -10 munites cooking it for long will make too soft which is not good we are going to add it into our sauce later and since it wont cook there, we have to cook it here before lets add a bit of salt into it it would help it cook faster because our spices will be added into the sauce lets close our pot and light it up here to is our oil lets me stabilize it like this yes good I usually like to put a bit of onions in the oil when it's heated up I will know and add the rest we are going to blend the tomatoes and the peppers let me do that now am cutting the tomatoes into pieces to blend them now lets add our in blended pepper, gingerand tomatoes am going to add the tomato paste too red palm kernel is mostly use in ghana it gives it the red look PLEASE CHECK IN THE DESCRIPTION TO BUY PALM OIL FROM MY AFFILIATE LINK and now am adding my tomato paste this should be enough we will allow this to cook a bit then we add the tuna fish the fire here is cery low let me bring it here and lets move our beans here too here let me quickly open our fish now lets add our spice mix the fire s too much, let me reduce it and now we add out tuna fish ok friendsi I just emptied our beans a few seconds ago its properly cooked now as you can see not so soft, its perfect and our sauce too properly cooked we ahve added our spices too now ı will add this beans inside like this as you can see now, our sauce beans is ready now in a under low fire I will allow it to cook for about 2-3 more minutes now friends lets come here I have kept oil on the fire is time cut our plantain into pieces wait I am going to cut the plantains ok my dear Nuru showed mei lets see if I can do it I still aceepte it thati its not bananas then try eating raw lets see no no I dont want to lets see if its banana am pealing them like bananas thats why am saying that thats why you are suffering cut through it horizontally I did yeah it was about to spoil İt was going to spoil we are lucky yes friends its my first time peeling plantains so am kind of sufferng with it here but tust me is hard, really hard its harder than bananas but now it smells like banana to me now pregnancy whilees working is very hard friends in the morrning when I woke up strongly but returning from work in the everning am completely out of energy lets put those on the fire the oil is ready, ok, I am almost there let me cut it quick hoophoophoop hoophoop

hoop BismiLLah now lets add it slowly into the saucepan I told you the fire is on for a while let put then on this is not potatoes, you can't fry this like potatoes My love lets not fry it for long, the last I didn't enjoy it you over fried it okey? yes friends as you can see our plantain is frying let me bring this closer, I want you to see it clearly the other side to is our beans sauce I think we should take it out now let me quickly check it, how is it friends I was shocked at first when I saw this they use fish in it but its so delicous its perfect, the best foods I ever eaten its this beans sauce especially someone who doesn't like dry beans who doesn't like dry beans? me, I dont I eat sometimes but I dont like it I married this woman for a year now, not for once she has never cooked dry beans for me the last time I cooked it just for once, just cook dry beans for me my love, you should have marry a girl from Antep then(a city in Turkey) she would have cook you good dry beans are you saying I made a mistake with you I don't know if you think you made a mistake no am not saying anything, am asking you friends did I say something

nooo I believe ı didn't make mistake with you but I dont know what to say ok now friends am going to add a bit of salt into this some paople and you prefer, you can soak the plantains in a salty water for a while before frying them, then you need to do this now let me close this beans sauce now where is the lead my love the beans is ready now we will wait for our beans after that, we will serve our food guys here we are frying it just like potatoes but if we had fried it in small quantity that woul have been great

but we are almost there, my love lets remove those that are fried you are over frying it my love my love thats how it should be fried ok now friends as you can see our plantian is fried very nicely, my love could you give me a plate there okey my love am giving you a plate now would it fit in here it will PLEASE CHECK IN THE DESCRIPTION TO BUY THE FOODS WE USE IN THIS VIDEO FROM OUR AFFILIATE LINKS:

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