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Southern Black Eyed Peas Recipe – How To Cook Black Eyed Peas



so a little bit of the story before I get into this black-eyed peas recipe in about 1973-74 I was in preschool and one of the things they used to always make more black-eyed peas and I'm sure they were pretty much just dumping the black-eyed peas into a pot and heating them up and serving them well another thing they used to always cook was just the basic salad with these big old thick chunks of like cheddar cheese in it with some Italian dressing on it and I hated that salad so me and one of my friends used to always switch so I take his southern style black-eyed peas and then he would take my salad anyway this recipe here takes me back to my childhood so gives me kind of in my heart and I haven't really made this a lot because I thought for some reason my wife didn't like black-eyed peas but she told me she likes them I don't know where I got that misconception anyway there's gonna be a very quick simple recipe let's go over these ingredients and get it hooked up these thing gradients I'm gonna be using for my soul food black-eyed peas Recipe I bought a 16 ounce bag of black-eyed peas and let them soak for about eight hours then I rinsed them off I'm using some jalapenos some garlic this is what I like right here is i'ma be adding some okra to this a lot of people slip on okra I'm telling you you can never go wrong with okra I have some chicken stock one onion that's been diced up this is gonna be a healthy black-eyed peas I'm using some smoked chicken dark meat chicken that I have here we're gonna hit it with a little bit of slap your mama a couple bay leaves and instead of butter or anything like that bacon grease we're gonna be hitting it with some olive oil anyway those are ingredients let's get started first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start cooking down this okra a little bit and that's mainly just to get rid of a little bit of that slime that can kind of happen with okra so I'm just gonna get a generous amount of olive oil in here and add our okra how that our oprah's cooks about two minutes we're going to go ahead and add our onion or jalapeno and our garlic now right now I've been cooking at about a high but I'm gonna go ahead and turn this down like a medium low and I'm just gonna cook this until the onions and peppers almost get caramelized just to bring out a little bit of that natural sweetness this sweat down for about ten minutes I'm gonna go ahead and add my chicken now I have this chicken kind of broke into bigger pieces but you could cut that at finally if you want and our Black Eyed Peas throw in a couple of aliens and now our chicken stock if this chicken stock doesn't cover this up I will go ahead and add a little bit of water to it that should be good to go and I'm just going to hit it with a little bit of this slap your mama it's gonna be about a tablespoon and I'm gonna go ahead and run this on medium-high bring it up to kind of like a simmer and just kind of keep it right there for about 25-30 minutes we're about 25 minutes in on this and the beans are technically cooked but but I am going to go a little bit longer and I'm gonna go as long as it takes for this to kind of start thickening up a little bit now some of the reason why some of these beans may cook faster than others could be the age of the beans how long they were soaked things like that but these are cooking a little bit slower than normal so you do want to watch out for that white piece took about 45 50 minutes to get as tender as I like which is a little bit longer than it typically takes but you know what sometimes things are gonna change a little bit anyway I'm gonna let this cool down a little bit we're gonna plate it up see we think about it these Black Keys have had a chance to cool down a little bit let's get in see what's up I smoke from the chicken it's kind of coming through the okra I'm telling you I might even actually have more okra when I do this again takes me right back to 1973 right here outside of fact it tastes better man you could throw a little hot sauce on here but I'm telling you well the jalapenos I used in here are extra spicy so I made go with some hot sauces they weren't as spicy but these are definitely spicy anyway give it a shot I'd like to thank you guys you know what give it a shot with this okra I'm telling you that is the key ingredient and this one for me anyway thanks for watching my easy black eyed peas recipe I appreciate it Make this soul food recipe you will love it

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