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Soya Nugget Veg Seekh Kabab | Soy Shish Kebab | Protein rich Vegan snack!



I have here some boiling water and about 75 grams of soya chunks That I'll boil in it Boil the soya chunks for about seven to eight minutes so I'll let that boil Strain the soya chunks wash them with cold water Leave it to cool down once the nuggets have cooled down completely just squeeze out all the water That's there in them Keep them aside Put the soya chunks in a mixie jar and grind them Grind the rest of it as well Soak the soy beans in water For about four to six hours Boil the soy beans and just drain the water Put them into a mixie jar and grind it You'll also need finely chopped cabbage Some grated carrots and finely chopped coriander leaves chaat masala a pinch of turmeric or haldi garam masala and some coriander powder black salt and regular salt finely chopped onions grated ginger and grated garlic boiled and grated potatoes Take a mixing bowl add in the cooked soya bean nuggets Add in the soya bean paste The beans that we had boiled the soybean paste is quite stiff and it'll act as a binding agent as well add in the grated carrots The chopped cabbage coriander leaves the chopped onions Ginger and garlic Mix well Add in the spices salt to taste Grated potato some finely chopped green chillies and mix it thoroughly I'll use my hands now Give it a taste adjust the seasoning mix it up you may add in some gram flour or besan I've roasted it lightly Just mix it You'll also need wooden skewers Just remember to soak them in water for half an hour before you start making the seekh Let's build the kebabs around the wooden skewer The seekh kabab is actually made of mince meat and the seekh plays a role in actually cooking the kebab but in the vegetarian version Most of the ingredients are cooked So all we need to do is just get a slight color on the outside and they should be done the skewer is just a reminder of the name that we are using That's one done Make the rest of them Heat some oil in a pan And lightly fry the skewers Brush them with oil Flip them over look at the nice color brush them on the sides keep turning them Be careful the pan is hot the kebabs are hot The skewers look perfectly cooked on the outside time to get them out Fry the rest Serve the kebabs with onion rings and lemon wedges wrap it in a paratha or chapati for a filling snack

Source: Youtube

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