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Soybean Momos recipe || Vegan 🌱 Momos in Meat Flavour ||Nepali Veg Momo Recipe ||Tsheten Dukpa



Namaste i'am TshetenI would like to welcome you all to my channel Today i'am sharing soy chunks momos recipe after having this momos you will goin to forget about any type of meat stuffing momos Together with chutney/achar which will make your any type of veg momos yummy As you can see in this video that vegan momos looks like meat momos Lets start to make soy bean momos For momos roti i 'am using 2 cups of maida/all purpose flour and 1tsp salt Mix with your clean hand Knead a dough add water as required Don't knead too hard or too soft dough Cover and keep aside For stuffing soak soy bean chunks for 1/2 hours in tab water After that squeeze dried all soy chunks And you cut in smaller pisces as you can Or you can use grinder to grind it This soy chunks i have cut it with knife And this is i have use a grinder Does't matter what method you use Do whatever is easiest way for you I'am adding 1big onion finely chopped 1/2 small bowl of ginger chopped finely 1 bunch of spring onion chopped finely 1 bunch of coriander leaves chopped finely Salt according to your taste 1tsp ajinomoto/msg To make momos more juicy i'am add olive oil Can add any type of cooking oil or Dalda/Vanaspati ghee 1/2 cup of olive oil i'am using here Mix all ingredients very well with your clean hand Soy chunks stuffing is ready For chutney/achar i have already boiled tomato and1 10 red chilli 1/2 small bowl of peanuts Put both ingredients in blender Add salt according to your taste Blend it until fine paste Chutney/achar is ready I will transfer in a small bowl Veg momos will taste very good with peanuts achar/chutney First of all grease steamer I have make this size of dough ball for momos roti Don't roll too thick or too thin momo wrapper 1Tbs of momo stuffing There are many type of momos folding pattern Which is easiest way to fold you can make that pattern Here i'am folding my favourite one Prepare all momo like this first Steam momo for 15 minutes After 15 minutes momos cooked well and it was ready to serve I hope you will like my today video recipe of vegan momos If you are new to my channel please consider subscribe

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