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Special Modak Recipe in Hindi स्वादिष्ट मोदक बनाने की विधि | ManjuMittal Cookery House Manju Mittal



Hello friends!! I am Manju Mittal Today we are making modak on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi For this I took 1 cup almond, here I took american almond you can take any almond I soak it for 1 hour in hot water and after that, I peeled it off and after peeling it off I have to dry it with a cloth There should be no water in it, dry it like this Almonds have dried completely Now I am taking a mixer jar now I have to grind the almonds in it and now we are making smooth paste

See now it's grinded It will not grind at once, you have to open it repeatedly and grind it because there is no water, it is completely dry and it will take some time to grind We have grinded it Now I am making sugar syrup Here I took ½ cup sugar, ¼ cup water We will cook it for 3-4 minutes and we have to cook one thread sugar syrup We have to make it on medium flame I used a small burner because when we make sugar syrup on high flame it burns So it's better that you make it on medium flame Mix it well

I boiled sugar syrup, see it has started to thicken Now we have to check it To check this I made the spoon up You won't touch it right way otherwise your finger will burn So, let it cool for a moment Now we saw between the fingers With the help of finger we can see single thread Now I turn off the gas and put the grinded almonds in it We put 2-3 tbsp milk powder, I put 3 spoons here Mix it See like this we have to mix it and keep mixing it until the almonds stick to it Almonds must not stick to the container We have to cool it down while doing so So that it becomes slightly thicker then we will be able to shape it well If you think it's a little bit thin then you can add 1 more tbsp of milk powder You can also place it below the fan so that it cools quickly We will keep stirring it until it cools down This will also cause this mixing and it will also cool down See it got cold and thick also Here I mix 1 tbsp milk powder more It is a little bit soft so here we have added 1 more tbsp of milk powder This will make the texture very good and again mix it See it also become a bit thicker, and this will make the good shape Here I put some ghee on my hands and I mix it with my hands It looks like a dough I shift it in a container

Now here I took a modak mould Modak mould is easily available at utensils shop We have to grease it with some ghee Don't apply much ghee I have made small balls for modak Here I took almond's ball and fill it in modak mould You can fill the dough according to the size of your modak mould Now we have to close this and after that we have to press it properly Look here I have cleaned this with knife The extra part has gone very well We will lightly press it We have removed the extra part from its side too Now I open this Modak's shape has become very nice Now we take it out of the mould and place it on a plate And I will make the remaining modaks too You know that Lord Ganesh loves laddu too so do watch our video on recipe of "Besan ke Laddu"

And offer it to Lord Ganesha Now I garnish it with pistachio I just put pistachio here and I already have saffron mixed in milk I will put little bit of this on modaks See our almond modak is ready Do watch our other dessert recipes too If you like this recipe then give us a thumbs up And subscribe to our channel

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