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Spiced Pear Chutney Recipe



Hi friends, Sweet and spicy pear chutney is probably not one that instantly comes to mind, but it’s definitely worth making Chunks of juicy fresh pears, dates, a touch of ginger, tangy-sweet orange juice and the combination of aromatic spices all come together to make this chutney simply fabulous

It’s excellent served alongside appetisers like samosas or other nibbles, or you could simply brighten up any meal by adding a dollop or so to your veggie burgers and delicious wraps This amazing spiced pear chutney recipe has been made possible thanks to California pears with whom we’ve partnered today to bring to you this video California Bartlett pears are the ideal choice of pears for this chutney They are available for several weeks in July and August in Canada, which is before the Canadian pear season Bartletts have a wonderful texture with such a delicate fragrance

For snacking and in salads, I love them semi-ripe; they are crunchy and juicy – an excellent Summer snack On the nutrient profile, pears are full of antioxidants, and they provide a good source of fibre, Vitamin C, potassium and folic acid If you’re like me and love to read about the nutrient profile of food stuffs, then check out the California Pear website for more nutrition information And if you care about what goes into your food, it’s quite awesome to learn that these pears are grown on small family farms, which employ natural methods for pest control as well as reduce the use of fertilizers Now let’s get on with this delicious pear chutney recipe which is really easy to make and great to give away too as edible gifts

I am using dates in this recipe as a natural sweetener They are great if you are trying to reduce added sugar in your diet You can also use raisins instead Start by pitting the dates, and then cover them with about 200 ml of hot water Leave them to soak until they are soft and easy to mash

You can also place the dates to soak a few hours ahead or overnight You’ll find the printable recipe on our website The link is in the description below While the dates are soaking, you can prepare the other ingredients Peel and chop the pears into small pieces

Depending on how chunky or smooth you like your chutney, you can cut the pears smaller than what I am doing here For this particular recipe, I suggest using a mix of semi-ripe and ripe pears The ripe ones will melt into the sauce while the semi-ripe pears will hold their shape and add some crunchiness which will make an interesting texture combination for this chutney When the pears are at their peak ripeness, they are golden yellow and at their juiciest most flavourful stage So, choose Bartletts that are golden yellow and a few that are just about to turn yellow

For the ginger you can either slice it thinly, finely chop or grate it I like mincing it for this recipe If you keep pre-minced ginger in the refrigerator ready to use, like I usually do, you can use that too Squeeze the juice out of the oranges and set it aside Orange juice adds in a lot of complex flavours which I love

With the orange juice alone (and no added sugar), the chutney will last for about 3 weeks in the refrigerator For longer shelf life, you may want to replace half or all of the orange juice with vinegar Once the dates are soft, mash or mince them Don’t discard the soaking water as we will use it later Alternatively, you may blend the dates together with the water

Like mentioned before, I’m not adding any sugar to this chutney but, if you’d like to preserve it for longer, then you’ll need to add at least 150 g of sugar Now let’s make the chutney Heat about 2 teaspoons of oil over medium-high temperature in a medium stock pot or thick bottom saucepan Saute the whole cumin, ginger and red chilli for about 30 seconds You can also use chilli flakes instead of a whole chilli

The amount of chilli here will add a little spicy kick, so adjust the amount as per your preference Add the onion seeds, also known as nigella seeds, and saute for about 10 more seconds Then, add the diced pears, and stir to combine Add in the rest of the spices – the ground cardamom, coriander seed powder, a cinnamon stick and the star anise Next add the date paste and soaking water

Pour in the orange juice If you want to add sugar and vinegar, add them in at this stage Squeeze the juice from half a lime And lastly add the salt; then stir to combine  Like most chutney recipes, this spiced pear chutney is very forgiving

You can play around with the ingredients and tweak them to your liking – sweeter, spicier or tangier Bring it to a rapid boil and reduce to medium or low-medium heat Simmer partially covered for about 30 – 45 minutes or until the sauce has reduced to the desired consistency Remove from heat and allow the chutney to cool If you prefer a smoother chutney or smaller chunks, use a potato masher to mash the mixture until you’re happy with the consistency

Because of the low sugar and acidity, this chutney will keep for at most 3 weeks in the fridge, in a sealed jar Make sure to always use a clean utensil to remove and serve the chutney To keep this chutney for several months, you can keep it in the freezer This pear chutney is really easy to make and great to give away as edible gifts too Serve it alongside your favourite appetisers or other nibbles

It’s also a simple way to complement any meal that requires a sweet-sour-spicy accompaniment Add a dollop or so to your veggie burgers and wraps It’s great on vegan grilled cheese sandwiches too And I love it with samosas! It has the perfect balance of flavours and it’s so delicious! Don’t forget to check the grocery stores for these delicious Bartlett pears from California They are only going to be available for a few more weeks in Canada

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