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Hi friends Today I will be showing you how to make "Spinach ,Corn and cheese sandwiches" Its a anytime snack recipe You can make the mixture put it into your refrigerator get some bread and whenever you are hungry or your kids are hungry and just make a sandwich it's so simple so let's head on and start making this amazing spinach corn and cheese grilled sandwich now we are first going to make a white sauce she will take 1 tablespoon of butter at room temperature in a non-stick pan now do this we are going to add one tablespoon of all-purpose flour or maida and we're going to mix the two ingredients together till the rawness of the flour goes away and also that we don't have any lumps we just mix it and now we are going to add one cup of milk the proportion is always 1 is to 1 is to 1 so there goes in the one cup of milk and again we're going to mix everything together to get a very smooth white sauce , get everything together keep stirring to ensure that there are no lumps formed this will be the base of our filling for our sandwich they should take you about a minute or two to get a nice smooth consistency and this should be done on a low flame to keep stirring to ensure that the flour doesn't get stuck to the bottom of the pan and using a non-stick pan also helps in making this white sauce now once our white sauce or our base is ready as you can see now we have a very smooth consistency we are going to add to this about 1 cup of boiled corn give this a very good mix and to this we are going to add some chopped up blanched spinach or palak what I has done is I have first washed the leaves very well actually soaked it in some salt water for 10 minutes drained it and then I have put it in some hot boiling water for about a minute and then transferred it into a bowl of ice-cold water and in this way we can blanch it the other way if you want to go for the easier option is you just put this into a pressure pan with a little bit of water say about a cup of water and just keep it for one whistle on high fire and immediately turn off your pressure pan and wait for the pressure pan to cool down and then drain out all the excess water and then you also can use it comes to the same thing you get lovely blanched spinach or palak and you – wait for it to cool down a bit and now we're going to add some garlic powder I'm using about 1 TSP of garlic powder who don't have garlic powder you can add finely chopped garlic garlic powder is very easily available in stores so once our garlic powders well incorporated we are now going to add some chilli flakes for that extra kick you can add as much as as little of the chili flakes as you know as how spicy you would like your sandwiches some salt to taste give everything a nice mix and some pepper so I'm going to be using about 1 teaspoon of pepper if you don't like the red chilly flakes you can also add a little bit of green chilly very finely cut so we're going to mix all of this together again remember on a low flame now turn off your gas or your flame and add some grated cheese this is processed cheese you can add any cheese of your choice but ensure that your gas is switched off and now let the cheese just melt with the residue heat and this is our filling for our lovely corn spinach and cheese sandwiches you can make this filling and just store it in your refrigerator in an airtight jar and just use it whenever required to make some yummy sandwiches now just transfer all of this into a bowl so that cools down completely and then we are ready to make these amazing cheese sandwiches now we will take some bread slices and once a mixture is cooled we will add this filling evenly all over the bread and then we're going to cover this with another slice of bread ah Here I am using this special sandwich pan because it gives a nice grilled effect you can even toast this in our sandwich toaster or on a plain band to just apply some butter on either side and toast it or grill it till you get a nice golden color on both sides of your sandwich so now that it's grilled on one side in turn it over so with the heat even the cheese in the mixture will start to melt and here you have it the delicious spinach and corn and cheese grilled sandwich an anytime snack a different idea even a party starter or you can even have this for your lunch or dinner so please do try out this recipe and let me know in the comments box below whether how you like this recipe see you again in another video please – give this video a big like do not forget to subscribe to my channel please hit the bell I came for updates visit my channel for more than 140 recipes and thanks for watching bye see you in another video

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