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It doesn't smell correct Stinky tofu, I know it's hard to tell if it is or not Maybe it's not Hey everybody, it's Lauren from Hot for Food food and today, we're cooking obviously, but did you know we're getting ready for Thanksgiving here in Canada? That's right We have an earlier Thanksgiving than the United States and some of you watching around the world don't even have Thanksgiving so you can just live vicariously through me

We've got Thanksgiving coming up the weekend of October 8th or 9th, so depending on which day you're celebrating I'm going to show you today how to make a quick and delicious appetizer, perfect for vegans and non-vegans They won't even know there's tofu in this dish trust me We're making spinach and tofu feta phyllo triangles kind of like those spanakopitas, the Greek dish? But I didn't want to call them that so we're gonna whip up a quick crumbly tofu feta with spinach, basil, and seasonings, all very simple ingredients And then the only thing you need to remember to prep ahead is to thaw your phyllo dough in the fridge overnight because it will be frozen when you buy it and it needs to be soft and thawed when you make these So most phyllo is vegan accidentally or just check the ingredients

I've purchased one that is vegan friendly Most of them just have vegetable shortening in them and not butter And then you're gonna melt some vegan butter which I already have ready to go So let's make the filling first That's all you have to get ready, and then we're gonna roll these babies up So you're gonna crumble up a brick of firm tofu and get it nice and crumbly cuz you want the filling to be not too chunky, or anything

Once it's all crumbled up like this now we'll add in the seasonings So of course you got to add that nutritional yeast Add salt and pepper You're gonna add minced garlic Add some olive oil You're gonna add lemon juice Add some freshly chopped basil and roughly chopped spinach leaves, and I'll give it a stir until it's really well combined You want to stir it up quite a bit to get everything meshed together and you'll also notice the spinach and the basil start wilting a little bit So you can actually prep this filling a night ahead and leave it in the fridge overnight It'll just develop the flavors a little bit more So now we're gonna work with phyllo pastry Phyllo pastry is not puff pastry, remember phyllo is the very very thin thin thin sheets that are not that hard to work with but you do need to practice a little bit

So it often comes like this you open this and have like a baking sheet or a cutting board with a tea towel on it So you need to have this tea towel so that you just prevent it from getting too dried out right cuz it's gonna dry out very quickly Oh, and it's already torn, but that's okay because you can fix the cracks So just lay it out like this, then have another clean surface and your melted butter standing by So take one sheet of phyllo short-side toward you cuz we're gonna cut strips this way and you need to brush this with a light coating of vegan butter or you could use a spray oil But butter is what gives it the nice flavor and now you're gonna lay another sheet over top And there you can see how it sticks together, and it's those layers that puff up nicely in the oven It's even helpful if your tea towels are slightly damp when you do this just so that the pastry doesn't dry out too much Okay, now you're gonna coat this with another thin layer of butter Vegan butter of course Now you're gonna cut four rows that are about three inches wide across I use a pizza cutter, but you could also use a sharp knife Now I'm gonna show you how to roll these so each row is its own triangle you're just gonna layer it as you fold it Alright, so you're using about a heaping tablespoon full You'll see you've got a triangle if you just fold it once this way Then cover up the edge by going this way just going opposite corners And this is sealing the triangle just like that Okay so at this stage you want to put them on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and they don't puff up too much so you can space them just slightly apart like this And now you want to lightly coat them with butter So you want to do this for all the phyllo with all the filling and while they're sitting here buttered, just keep them covered with a towel or place them in the fridge until your oven is preheated And you're ready to bake them if you don't want to bake them right away you can actually leave them all folded and freeze them on the baking tray without the layer of butter and then right before you bake them Just coat the melted butter on top and throw them in the oven all right So these are ready to go it makes about 24 to 28 phyllo triangles and then bake them at 400 for 12 to 14 minutes until they're nice golden and crispy There they are, the spinach and tofu feta phyllo triangles look how golden and crispy they are Ready for that crunch people? Mm-hmm you want to serve these ASAP right out of the oven

With napkins because they're real flaky Mmm So hot Make sure I don't have any spinach in my teeth So there you go lovely appe's for Thanksgiving weekend Definitely give these ones a try Let me know what you think The recipe's linked below on Hot For Food blog dot com Now next week, I'm going to show you how to make a Thanksgiving dessert It's a salted caramel apple crumble tart It's so delectable and it's gonna be awesome on your Thanksgiving table

Okay subscribe to the channel Click right here, there's a little button to subscribe I'm here every Wednesday cooking with you, eating, crunching away Mmm All right I'll see you next week for another Thanksgiving recipe Bye

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