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Spyglass Grill Chipotle Seitan Yuca Bowl Recipe | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Caribbean Beach



hello everybody! Princess and theBear here and we're back with another disney food at home remake yeah this time we're going to the Caribbean beach resort to one of our favorites spots, that we went to recently

Actually, one of the last places that we reviewed before the parks closed was this dish so, a rather recent item Yeah, we're keeping it a little simple today Elevated but simple So today we are making a chipotle seitan yuca bowl from spyglass grill yes so we happen to have some ingredients luckily enough to put this together which is odd for us so we're going to dive in and hopefully uh we don't go down the ship be sure to drink up your artie's you heard the girl hey everybody so we're back we finished with our chipotle 18 yucca bowl yes speedy little thing looks just like the one we got at spyglass it smells from here okay i want myself back are you gonna lime yours i am gonna lie mine one thing i lined it last time you don't usually like to lime your food i don't but actually i limed it because i tried it first i probably didn't taste because i'm a beer and i'm a blueberry this is true so this is actually not so bad to make the the 18 cooked rather well just like you would expect any sort of like sliced uh non-vegan meat to cook and it smelled nice so it looks pretty well yeah definitely the yuck is a little weird though because if you're used to cooking fries you expect it to like crisp a little bit more or something but they don't do that yeah it's still still crispy it just doesn't look as crisp as like a normal potato but i don't know why we don't eat more yucca i won't buy yucky all the time i don't think we already need a chop i don't know i guess we're gonna find out one day one day but uh let's go ahead and um do a lime dink lime oh sure think my lime has like no juice i think it got like a bum one yeah let's get some juice out of there squeeze that yeah so here comes the fun part how are we gonna eat this i mean i don't know i guess i'm gonna like slice off a piece of the yucca and then dive in for some beans and then come back up with some tea well last time i only did the beans and the pico and the sea team together first so i'm gonna do that this time me i'm going all in somehow maybe yeah there we go oh isn't that hard it tastes exactly like spyglass reminds me of being back at disney yes makes me want to hop on a gondola and go to hollywood studios go red rice yes but this dish outlines for me sometimes you don't want to cook like a five-star meal sometimes you want to use a couple things you made fresh like pico and black beans and then maybe oven the rest there's nothing wrong with that there's little bits of elevation and it's still disney food so it's like why not if it's simple to make it home and it's disney that was literally a 15-minute meal plus you know we're we're both really partial to caribbean because we love all of their food locations literally everywhere we love centertown market we have fire ass little even whenever a cabana a little island walk to the riviera so you've got like all the good stuff right there and then when you're done you have to go all over hollywood you really can't go wrong that's cool so yeah it's like a win-win-win people still get there i forget at least we did back in the time before wherever the hell we're doing right now it's true it's true i like this dish this is a bigger cruise and a win for me giving this one four out of five oh i like this i will definitely eat this again yucca fries all of it i want to know if you guys have been to spy glass grill this forgotten step child of caribbean beach resort if so let us know what you had down in the comments if you plan to make this dish you're going to make this or have made this dish the comments is going to be the place to let us know along with any other ideas you guys might have for food that we can make from disney at home until then hit the notification bell if you want to see other videos like this and we have new videos five days a week monday tuesday wednesday thursday saturday we will see you soon be sure to subscribe you heard the girl to err is human to argue his pirate parlor why does everybody want to parlay put some lime on it i'm not sure how i'm going to like this because i tried the chipotle 18 at centertown market for dinner and i didn't particularly care for it so we'll see how this goes maybe it'll be better with all this extras so i got black beans pico sateen there we go i always expect this chipotle 18 to be spicy and it's not this is actually better flavor than the cheese steak i have even though it's the same say team and then instead of fries it comes with like yucca chips i guess which are pretty good i kind of like these a little bit better than like a regular disney shoestring shoestring fryer just because they're like thicker and they also remind me of nomads lounge create the impossible sliders with these overall i feel like this is a good choice um but i think both the the satan bowl and the tacos are pretty delicious so not bad i would get this again so i'll give it to this 18 bowl it's a little colorful beastie i love the music in here i could jam out in here some red stripes and a bathing suit all day if you let me let's get a nice full bite pico some beans potato or yucca it's got a good flavor to it it's like a chipotle light doesn't really have the spice that i would expect from a bowl like this but all the flavors the pico the 18 the the black beans and yucca come through it's a nice hearty bite it gives you sort of like a hint but it does it could use a little bit more seasoning um it's not horrible i would say if i'm looking for something light and healthy maybe i don't want meat for the day i would probably eat this give this two and a half out of five plus foreign

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