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STIR FRY RECIPES – Chinese Sausage With Snow Peas [荷兰豆炒腊肠]



Hello everyone, welcome to see supup up recipes Today we make Dutch bean fried sausage This is a very homemade dish Very simple, fast, delicious Then let's get started

Prepare some Cantonese sausages Sliced You can use other sausages without Cantonese sausage This is my homemade sausage, the practice is very simple If you want to know the recipe, you can find the link in the details at the bottom of the screen Dutch beans are washed first Tearing off the aged fibers on both sides If you don't remove it, it will affect your appetite Doing so will also improve the taste Because the seasoning can penetrate into the peas with the edge of the tear If you can't buy peas, you can also use other vegetables instead

Such as mushrooms, lotus roots, green beans, long beans, etc Prepare a few plans Crush and then peel Cut a few knives a little Don't cut it very much Otherwise it is easy to scorch Two small pieces of scallion The same is true, the taste will be more fragrant Two small pieces of ginger, cut into ginger I also like to use a little red pepper Cut into pieces Slightly spicy, it will be delicious The color of the whole dish will look good a lot If you can't eat spicy food, you can use red bell pepper instead

All in one bowl The materials are all ready and can be started First hot pot Try the temperature by hand I feel the heat rises and I can get off the oil Just a little bit, run a pot Shake the pot and you can get the sausage If you use a non-stick pan, you can not refuel The sausage itself has a relatively high oil content Fire for a few minutes The sausage will gradually become transparent It’s almost fried If you like a little sausage, you can fry for a minute or two I feel that the degree of speculation is almost the same

Add a little bit of oil to the pot Pour the materials you just prepared into the pot I used to say that the secret of Chinese food stir-fry is to rush But Dutch beans are not easy to fry water It’s fine to fry with medium heat I like to fry the epidermis with a little bit of focus This time you can put the seasoning a little white pepper, a little salt to taste Add another scoop of soy sauce The sausage itself is more salty It is best to put seasonings in advance Add the sausage to the sausage Finish it a few more times

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