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Strawberry smoothie kids can make (Healthy kid-friendly dessert recipe with Milk, yogurt, ice cream)



hey guys welcome back to my channel I am Afra, and today's video is a recipe for strawberry smoothie

I personally love strawberry smoothies and because they're healthy and they're delicious; so now let me show you how I made the strawberry smoothie Let's begin First I'll put in one and a half tablespoons of yogurt, plain yogurt; there, now I'm going to put in two strawberries I have a small strawberry and a large strawberry but if you have small stories you might need three or if you have a large one you can just put one or two your choice Now I'm going to put in a teaspoon of sugar, this is optional if you want to be a bit healthy now I'm going to put in a scoop of ice cream

I'm using vanilla but you can use any flavor you want now I put in a half a cup of milk now I'm going to take this to the blender, but my parents will help me blend it because for safety hazards You can also ask any adult for help I'll be right back after I blend my strawberry milkshake Now I've blended my strawberry smoothie, and now I'm going to put in two ice cubes; this is optional you don't have to put in ice cubes, but I want to there, my strawberry smoothie is done; now I'm going to pour this into my birthday cup

This was from last week; so, yeah carefully pour this in there we have my Strawberry Smoothie; I am going to add in a straw; there, I hope you enjoyed this really easy recipe of a strawberry smoothie If you try this really easy recipe of the strawberry smoothie at home make sure to tell me how it tastes on the "Kids Impressions" Facebook page

The link is on the screen Thanks for watching I hope you guys have a great day, Bye! "Background music"

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