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Students Cook Up Culinary Skills & Careers at West Hills College Lemoore | Find It. Be It.



(Music Plays) Some friends of mine had told me about the program, I came out here I checked it out I spoke with Chef Raya and I just I fell in love with this program

This program has become like a family to me It offers so much, I wish I would have done this 20 years ago I've always loved to cook My family has had, there's been restaurant owners in my family, and all that And I've always had a passion for food and being in that service, and you know, the hustle and bustle of the getting food out, and all that

–And it's just, you know, now that I got the chance to go back, I just absolutely love it My favorite part of it is not only what we learn in class, but we get to go into the kitchen, absolutely put it right, into you know, we get to work with it, we get our hands dirty, we get we get dirty, and it is a lot of fun My daughters, they call me "Chef Daddy," both of them are gonna be chefs for Halloween I already have their chef coats and hats already bought, and they love it Oh, my life has changed quite a bit

It's just from working, and then now going to school, it's just opened you know, so many opportunities for me, it's just it's really exciting I definitely felt that I came from having a job, and now working towards a career Career Education Find It Be It

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