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Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe – Roasted Acorn Squash Recipes



what is up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ what I'm be doing in this video is we are going to be making some stuffed acorn squash now hopefully this squash recipe serves as more of an inspiration than an actual recipe because this is one of those things that I do when I'm just trying to go through things in the refrigerator that need to go with that being said come on in and take a look at the ingredients I'm using these are the ingredients that I'm going to be using for these roasted acorn squash I am going to have a recipe in the description below but that recipe is probably going to yield more than what we're going to need for these two acorn squash so anyway here's our ingredients we have two acorn squash I have some Jimmy Dean sage sausage some black pepper dried rosemary oregano now I'm using the powder it'd be great if you use the fresh I have time parsley any kind of a stuffing mix that you want or you can use your own bread corn bread would be excellent for this we have some portobello mushrooms that are chopped celery this chopped onions this chopped one Apple this chopped like I said we have a two acorn squash and then I have some chicken stock now this chicken stock has quite a bit of butter still left in it I haven't strained any of that fat out I think that's going to be a great addition to this so what I'm gonna do cut these acorn squash in half and then we're gonna get ready to get on with the rest of it my a quarter squash cut lengthwise in a scooped out the seeds that are in there this is about to go in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes in the meantime we're gonna start cooking up some of this sausage now that we have our sausage cook really all that we're gonna do we're just going to go ahead and have all the rest of our ingredients and we're gonna cook all of this until it's softened it so we got our apple millenniums with throw in our mushrooms any kind of mushrooms that you like would work that parsley in black pepper sage that time and our rosemary we're just gonna go ahead and mix this up and cook it down till it reduces and get soft acorn squash just got out of the oven now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to scoop a thin layer out of the middle we're gonna add that to our mixture here and not a lot just just a little bit just enough so we can get a little bit more of this filling in and still have it hold its integrity so it's not falling apart when we step okay so now that we've scooped a little bit of that out we're just going to mix this in we have that mixed in we're just going to go ahead and go in with our break room and at this point it's gonna be time to kind of eyeball it go ahead and add our chicken stock as well and we're gonna stir this in until it becomes the consistency of like what a normal Thanksgiving turkey would look like and I'm talking about not the cornbread cue stuffing but more kind of the I don't know you know what I'm talking about you'll see in a minute so now this stuffing has got to the consistency I'm looking for we're just going to go ahead and stuff our acorn squash and that's about how much I hollowed out not a whole lot and now that we have these squash stuffed they're gonna go in the oven I turned the oven down to 350 degrees and it's going to go for about another 25 30 minutes so that's what it looks like all plated up let's get in and see we think I am living all that sage that we have up in there from the sage I added plus the sage in the sausage I'm going to get a little bit of this acorn squash rim on this little bag here scoop a little that out along with the stuffing okay you gotta try this now the two things just sticking out to me the sage booms just like hitting you if you like sage you'll love this and then the second bite I got I don't think I got any Apple on the first one but the Apple is cooked but it's still a little crispy definitely the bomb if you're cooking stuffing for maybe even another recipe try them apples I'm telling you nice dimension to it anyway I'd like to thank you guys for stopping my no hippie BBQ I appreciate it Baked Acorn Squash Stuffed Squash Recipes

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