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Stuffed Roasted Butternut Squash – Vegan Holiday Roast



– Hi friends, it's Sam and today I'm gonna show you how to make my stuffed roasted butternut squash Now this is one of my favorite holiday main centerpieces

It is gorgeous and super flavor packed making it perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any holiday occasion you want to celebrate Also handy dandy in the fact that it can be prepared ahead of time You can have the entire squash all done, tied up with a bow, literally, then you just cover it up, pop it in the fridge for up to three days and then when you're ready to serve, just heat it through in the oven, good to go Talk about a stress-free holiday season, am I right (laughs)? The hearty stuffing in the center is so flavor packed, full of wild rice, walnuts, dried cranberries and sage It's so good, I have a hard time not eating all of it before it even makes it into the roast

All right so let's get to making my stuffed roasted butternut squash So, grab yourself a butternut squash and we're just gonna cut it in half lengthwise Now this might be a little tricky to do, squashes are always hard to cut So make sure you use a big knife, your biggest kitchen knife and give it a good sharpen And just be careful while you're doing this

You don't want the knife to slip or get accidentally injured So just take your time, and slowly cut it in half I just like to do a little wiggle wiggle Yeah I don't like this end dude, get off there

I don't want the stem on there so I'm gonna get rid of him Perfect There we go That's better Na-na! Look at that amazing color, isn't that so beautiful? So now just grab yourself a spoon and scoop out the guts and the seeds in the squash

And you can just discard those This is my green bin, I'm not just randomly throwing squash guts in a drawer, that would be weird One half All right, excellent Grab yourself a baking tray, put your squash halves on, and then drizzle about one tablespoon of oil over the surface of the the squash

Then you can just use your fingers to rub that on in Ooh slimy So now I'm just gonna pop these in my oven, which has been heated to 350, and they'll bake for about 60 to 75 minutes, depending on the size of your squash until they are fork tender Now in the meantime while my squash is baking, I'm gonna start prepping the stuffing So I'm gonna grab all my veggies and start chopping them up

Veggies are gathered, I have two carrots, two stalks of celery, a yellow onion, two cloves of garlic, and about a teaspoon of sage Mm, smells so good So I'm just gonna chop them all up, are you ready for it? Na-na! The power of editing, that probably didn't go that smoothly did it? So let's hop over to the stove and start cooking up this wild rice veggie stuffing So good and hearty and delicious Okay, over here at the stove grab yourself a nice high-sided skillet or a big pot

Put it over some heat and add a tablespoon of olive oil Get years old self a spoon When the oil is hot add in the carrots, No, why do we always lose some? Celery, onions, get in there, and garlic Beautiful colors Saute up these veggies for about five minutes until they soften and begin to brown

My veggies are looking nice and delicious and tender and a little bit golden, so now I'm gonna add in half a cup of wild rice And two cups of vegetable broth Give that a stir just to mix it in, and this time I actually have a lid Cover it up and set a timer for 10 minutes 10 minutes, go

So it has been 10 minutes, so now I just want to add in half a cup of white rice, I'm using jasmine today, I've used basmati, they all work Just give that a stir in and cover and cook for another eight to 10 minutes until both of the types of rice are cooked and nice and tender Wonderful So my rice is now cooked and tender and you can see that all the broth is absorbed, so it's perfect We can remove it from the heat

And now I just wanna season it up a little bit, so adding half a cup of chopped almonds, which are gonna add a nice little crunch, a little hearty chew Half a cup of dried cranberries, which will add a spit of sweetness, some more chew My chopped, fresh sage Half a teaspoon of salt, quarter teaspoon of black pepper, and a quarter teaspoon of dried thyme Give that a good stir and my stuffing is all done

So I'm just gonna set that aside and when my squash is cooked, I will meet you over at the counter and we will assemble it all together, make a gorgeous, stuffed roasted butternut squash, delish My butternut squash is out of the oven now It is nice and fork tender, but not over cooked because it is gonna cook a little bit more in the oven so we don't want it to be complete mush So now what I wanna do is scoop out the inside But not all of the inside, I wanna leave about an inch thick of butternut squash so that it has some structure and shape

So what I like to do is just use my spoon and kinda score a little guide, about an inch around the butternut squash so I can kinda see what bits I should be taking out So now that I have my guide, I just wanna scoop out everything in the middle there And we're gonna use this butternut squash flesh as well, nothing goes to waste So I'm just gonna set the squash aside on the cutting board, so that I can chop it up Okay

That's probably good, and this guy Ah, that's hot Should let it cool more than I did Burned my fingers So now with my squash filling I'm just gonna quickly run my knife through it and chop it up

And all of this is gonna get stirred into the stuffing Can put you here Oh, smells delicious Scoop in this squash and mix it in I got my gorgeous, fragrant, hardy stuffing, I have my hollowed out roasted squash, so all I have to do is fill up the squash

Just try to really pack it in there Not only is it gonna help it hold together if it's nicely packed, but it's gonna be delicious Pack it on in Kinda want it like heaping full Don't wuss out on the filling

Chickpea is standing by waiting for me to drop something I think I've crammed as much as I possibly can in there I still have a bit of filling left over, but you know what? I'm kinda happy about that So now this is the hardest part, I have to flip one half onto the other half So okay, let me just make sure that this is like extra packed in so hopefully it stays

And you just gotta go for it, you just gotta be quick Yeah! Okay, we did it We did it Some bits might fall out, and that's A-OK And now to make it extra cute and to hold it together, just use some kitchen string and we can tie it up

Wiggle a little string down there, tie him on the center Trim off extra string Have another piece for his bum Now I mean come on, how cute is that? Isn't that adorable? Now as always, I'll put the link to the full recipe down below in the description so you don't have to worry about trying to memorize all of the ingredients So at this point, it's ready if you want to save it, make it ahead of time, you can cover it in foil, pop it in the fridge, it'll be good for about three days and then when you're ready you can just heat it up or if you wanna heat it up right now, like I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna grab a little bit of olive oil

I like to season the outside because the skin is actually completely edible We've cooked it so it's gotten nice and tender So I just like to season it up a little bit so it is nice and flavorful A little salt, and a little pepper So now he's good to go back in the oven until he's heated through and ready to serve

Beautiful It's so beautiful My squash is done and heated all the way through Now I just have to very carefully maneuver this to my serving tray This kinda looks disastrous doesn't it? Ahhh! Okay he made it

Yes I love it! I love sprinkling on just a little bit of extra fresh chopped sage right at the end just for some garnish You can like put some nice sage leaves around it if you wanna make it look pretty And there it is, my stuffed roasted butternut squash Makes me so happy So of course, my favorite part, let's get to tasting it

Cut nice, thick slices right through the skin They might kinda fall apart but that's okay Let's serve one up Yeah I love it! So pretty! I can't ever get over how pretty this is So I made my quick onion gravy, I'll put a link to this recipe down below

I'm gonna have a little bit of that on top Oh, it smells amazing, give this a try Get some of the butternut squash, that rice stuffing Mm! Mm-hmm! So good The butternut squash is gorgeous and tender

That hearty wild rice stuffing with a little crunch of walnuts, the cranberry sweetness, little pops of chew Delicious, the spices, it tastes so festive and amazing It is so good, I am so excited about this recipe Serve this up with some greens, all of your favorite sides I mean you can't ask for more than this, it tastes so good

Mm, mm, mm I hope you like this video and if you do let me know by leaving a like and if you give this recipe a try, let me know in the comments below how it turns out for you If you take a photo of it, be sure to tag me on Instagram And of course, don't forget to subscribe for a brand shiny new vegan video every single Wednesday I'll see you next week, Bon appetegan!

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