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Sugar Coated Murmura Munchies – खिली खिली कुरकुरी मीठी लईया कुरमुरा – Murmura Recipe



Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulikacom Today we will make sweet lai Lai prepared without ghee and oil is tastier Kids are going to like this and you will too Let's start the cooking Firstly, we will make sugar syrup Take 1 cup of sugar Pour it in a vessel Add 1/3 cup of water Stir and cook until sugar dissolve The sugar has dissolved but, we have to cook sugar syrup more Cook until it reaches to a thick consistency

The sugar syrup appears thick When we drop it, it appears white If you'll pour a drop in the mini bowl then, the drop won't flow that means it has set The Sugar syrup has cooked Switch off the flame Take 4 cups of lai The lais in the packet are crispy We can break and see that but, if your lai has moisturised then roast it to make crispy This is the fresh lai Mix the sugar syrup in it We added 1/2 of the sugar syrup Now, we will mix them properly We changed the bowl as the previous bowl was smaller sized Separate the lais Stirring it continuously is an important process Lumps will appear if not stirred

The sugar syrup which we added has coated lais properly Let's add the leftover sugar syrup if you want the less sweet lai then, you can decrease the amount of sugar syrup Add the sugar syrup Again, stir it continuously Lai has expanded and separated Sugar has well and evenly coated Very tasty sugar lai is ready It is ready to be served It is tastier Cooking it is an easier and quicker method Be careful that Check the lai to ensure it is crispy Cook until it reaches to a thicker consistency

Cook until it appears white Pour sugar syrup over lai Mix them properly and separate them properly Very astonishing lai would cook You should try it as you will love it Store lai in an airtight container once it cools down You can consume it for 2 months Prepare it and eat it Share you experience on nishamadhulikacom We will meet again along with a new recipe If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet then, subscribe it now Press the bell icon to stay updated regarding my latest videos

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