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Sugo at Home: How to Cook Fettuccine with Spicy Nduja and Pork Ragu



Today we'll cook Fettuccine in a spicy Pork Nduja sauce This dish is the hottest dish in our range

And if chilli is not your thing, do not choose this one We are going to be adding to water a generous pinch of salt And as it is now boiling, it is time to lower our Fettuccine It is important to stir it a little to untie it It will take only 3 minutes for it to be ready

We will add a little water to the sauce Just one tablespoon, or two And keep stirring our pasta now and then I like to use the tongs to pick the Fettuccine and put it straight into our sauce And then just toss the pasta a little and mix it with the sauce

Time to plate Mmm, I can smell the Nduja One last detail, but very important A little parmesan Today we have prepared Fettuccine with the spicy Pork and Nduja Ragu We hope you share with us the results of your cooking Buon Appetito!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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