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Suji ke Laddu | Rava Ladoo | सूजी के लड्डू रेसिपी | Diwali Recipes | दिवाली मिठाई | By CookwithND



First heat the pan then add 2 big tsp ghee in a hot pan Wait for some time When ghee is melted then add 300g semolina (Suji, Rava) Cook it on low flame Continue stir for 6-7 min Don't roast semolina to turn red, just fry on low flame If we continue stir, then semolina cook well After some time we add more ghee After 3 min

now add 1 big tsp ghee Continue stir for 3-4 min more After Continue stir 7-8 min Now switch off the gas Then add little raisin Then add chopped Almond and cashew Desiccated Coconut Mix it well Transfer this mixer in a plate Now lets start to make sugar syrup take same pan and heat the pan then add 150g of sugar Then add 50 ml water to make syrup We need 1 string sugar syrup Now allow to sugar melt well Now sugar syrup is little thick Now this time add cardamom powder After 30 sec check sugar syrup are ready or not Switch off the gas Sugar syrup is ready Now add Semolina mixer Mix it well After mixing syrup and sooji mixer Now cover and rest it for atleast 30 min After 50 min

it's little warm Not a issue After 15 min i do 1 thing, take spoon and mix all the mixer together once, then rest it for 30 min For no lump, mashed it nicely Now suji mixer is ready to make laddu Take small portion from mixer and make laddu with the help of palm Place 1 raisin for look nice Now suji laddu is ready Make all laddu like same process

Source: Youtube

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