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Suji Snacks Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy



Today we will make semolina snacks which are perfect to serve with tea And these can be stored for a month without getting spoiled These are the ingredients required to make semolina snacks Firstly add 1 cup wheat flour in a mixing bowl Add half cup semolina Half spoon red chili powder And add about half spoon salt and mix well Add about four spoons of oil and knead it well Basically it should have enough oil, that when we squeeze it this way, it should stick together If it does not stick together even after adding 4 spoons of oil, you can add a little more Knead it using water We have to knead it not too tight and not too loose Cover and put away for now so that semolina could absorb all the moisture Now we will prepare stuffing for this semolina snack, for which add two spoons of oil in a hot pan Add one spoon mustard seeds when oil heats up When mustard seeds starts popping, add 1 + 1/2 spoon of fennel seeds Add two crushed dry red chillies Quarter cup peanuts One third cup yellow lentils Half cup of split bengal gram And add 8 to 10 cashews and fry them together Now we will add only two spices to it 3/4th spoon or as per taste salt And add one spoon of amchur powder and mix well Cook at medium heat After cooking for about 2 to 3 minutes, when it starts smelling nice, it's ready and cooked We will put this away for a while to cool off Grind in a grinding jar after it cools off We made a perfect powder which we will use for filling in semolina snack Meanwhile semolina has absorbed all the moisture We will knead and soften it a bit Cut small pieces of it like these Make small round balls with the pieces we cut Apply some oil on the base Roll these balls flat Add about a spoon full of the stuffing we made Fold from all sides and seal it Press it gently to seal well so it does not open while frying Semolina snacks are ready to fry Add a little oil in a hot pan to fry these snacks Set flame to medium high when oil heats up, and fry the semolina snacks Add the snacks seal side facing down into the oil, so the seal could get crisp right away and stuffing gets locked inside to avoid leakage It's important to use oil when we are planning to store the snack for longer time, that's why we are frying them Semolina plays a important role in this recipe, since semolina does not absorb much oil so these don't feel too heavy to digest We will flip and fry these from all sides While frying at medium high flame, when they appear golden brown in color, they are ready Take them out on a absorbing paper so that all the extra oil could be absorbed Serve these tasty semolina snacks with hot tea and tomato ketchup These semolina snacks can be stored in a air tight container for about a month, they won't get spoiled So you do try this perfect and easy, semolina snack recipe If you liked my todays video then please press the like button below And do subscribe to my channel And do press the bell icon so you don't miss any of my new videos Thank you

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