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Sunny Anderson Heads to NJ Army Base To Cook On $12 Per Person Service Meal Allowance



I am hanging out in new Jersey at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst This space houses Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines

As a veteran of the United States Air Force, I know cooking and making your own meals on base can be a little bit of a challenge So, I'm here to help Hi! I am Master Sergeant Michelle Humphrey, one of the first sergeants here at the installation So I have four service members who are excited to meet you Airman First Class Cespedes, Airman First Class O'Neal, ET2 Shiles, and Corporal Brown

We need some groceries, I know there is a commissary on every base (military music) Since we're all from different areas, but we all love to eat With the 48 bucks we have to spend, we can do like a really cool bowl that you would love We could bowl it up! We're gonna start with some base ingredients that are always the base of a really good bowl We need the rice for the rice bowl

And then, we're gonna personalize them for what you like to eat How do you know if you pick the freshest avocado? If it's soft? You take the nub, and you flip it off First, if it comes off easy, good Then, if it's green beneath there, really good Always have a list when you're grocery shopping, really helps you save money

We say it a lot, but look, I'm livin' it We got Chipotle and roasted garlic Yeah That one's super good I use that all the time

You do? Done Let's hope we did this under 48 bucks, y'all To the register (upbeat music) We're doing good, we're doing good, we're doing good, y'all! It's the moment of truth Did we keep four people's meals under 48 bucks? (laughs) 47

21! This is awesome! Yeah! (laughs) Hey girlfriend, you too Let's do this! Let's cook! O'Neal, I've got you on your andouille sausage My man Brown, that rotisserie chicken is all you, brotha Cespides, cilantro, just go ahead and chop that down Shiles, I've got you on the veggies hardcore

I'll be sauteing and asking you guys to bring me ingredients Let me get that meat, let's go How's it goin' over here, troops? (yells) Straight back! (yells) Chop harder! Yes ma'am (yells) Shred harder! Yes ma'am (yells) Is that what the Navy taught you to do? Yes ma'am! She's tough

(laughter) (upbeat music) Leave like a handful of these so where we just pull the leaves off and put 'em over the top of something Chop the rest of it down, it's looking perfect So, when people are asking sometimes, like how to chop things down, I say, "Think about getting it onto your fork" When you put that on a fork, you're only gonna get a sausage Do you want some rice with that? Do you want some toppings with that? So then it's like, chop it down smaller, and then you can get more on your fork

So what I love to do, is I like to take the spices add 'em to the oil and allow the spices to toast and bloom Much more flavor in smaller amount of time (upbeat music) That looks good I would tear this up right here, no delay We did it, guys

We did it The food turned out beautiful I surprised myself So we've got the salmon rice plate bowl We've got the chicken southwestern rice plate bowl

Beef and the chicken I'm going to the gym to bulk up rice plate bowl And then my man down here on the Bayou hanging out with his gumbo jambalaya plate bowl That's what the military is The military is like, "You're from here, you're from here, you're from there, you're from there" We're all crunched together

I was able to give each of them a little piece of home on a plate, which I'm goosebumpy about Oh man, this is good (audience applause)

Source: Youtube

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