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Super Easy Baked Sushi Recipe #bakedsushi #home #cooking



hi guys my mom is making sushi okay guys now I am going to make baked sushi It's my first time to try making it, and I already shred the crab, I have here roasted seaweed sushi nori This is the crab that I used and mayonnaise sour cream onion powder and vinegar we'll start by putting all the ingredients in the mixing bowl next we will put 1/3 cup of mayonnaise next thing to add is the ground black pepper next ingredient is 1/3 cup of sour cream the last thing to add is the onion powder and then we will mix all the ingredients

These are for the toppings for the baked sushi In replacement for the Furikake I only have the nori and I will cut it in small pieces the next thing we need is the rice I am going to use 2 cups of rice and I will put the vinegar and mix it with the rice after mixing the rice and vinegar now we can put it and spread it in our container now we're gonna add the toppings I am going to sprinkle all the nori that I cut into pieces this is to replace the for Furikake and then I will spread out the crab mixture Now after I spread out the crab mixture I will be spreading again the nori that I cut into small pieces okay guys, Here is the baked sushi And it's ready to go in the oven

I preheated the oven at 375 so we're gonna bake it for 20 minutes I also added mayonnaise on top of the baked sushi after 20 minutes our baked sushi is done okay guys, Here is our baked sushi yeah let's try it, but it's still hot so Here is the Nori, that I cut Because the one that they're selling at the store, are in bulk and it's just me, Are you gonna try? yeah! But it's still hot though let's try it I'm gonna try sushi! Baked Sushi

okay do you like it mm-hmm tell me honestly, do you like it? Ok guys, you should try it I'll end the video I'll enjoy the sushi Thank you for watching see you guys in the next video


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