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hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video I'm going to share with you a delicious chicken dinner recipe and the name of this recipe is a basil mozzarella chicken roll up doesn't that sound so delicious if you're new welcome my name is Sarah please hit that red subscribe button if you love cleaning and organizing and dinner recipes I would love to have you give this video a thumbs up if you like cooking videos I would love to know your feedback and also say hi in the comments below I love to know who's watching I have made this recipe three or four times and my husband loves it and my three-year-old loves it and I am now making it for my one and a half year old for the first time so this is exciting for me before we get into my recipe I wanted to mention that this video is a huge collaboration with lots of wonderful fantastic ladies here on YouTube who have all paired up together to share their delicious recipes with you so if you're interested in more yummy recipes go to the description box below click on that playlist and it will have lots of wonderful recipes to choose from and also don't forget to subscribe and like their videos as well without further ado let's get into this delicious recipe so that we can enjoy an evening in paradise [Music] [Applause] [Music] first let me get all the ingredients together and show you what we're working with [Music] here's all of the ingredients first I bought this chicken from Aldi is organic chicken breast I'm actually going to cut it up in a certain way to expand the recipe a little bit more instead of mozzarella I'm going to do this white mild cheddar cheese because I find that it melts better and my three-year-old loves it that way so we're gonna alter the recipe a little bit choose a different cheese or if you like a spicier cheese or a Richard cheese I'm sure it will be just as delicious and this is the basil pesto that I will be using this is from Kroger I'm also going to use some chicken stock and the brown rice and simply salt taste the spinach and olive oil salt pepper and maize and garlic so we'll see how that goes so that all the ingredients a very very affordable dinner let's start by prepping our chicken here I am trying to find the chicken cutting board like insert and once I find that I'm gonna get my mallet and prepare the area for the chicken I have done this many times before so I kind of know the process but be aware that you know every time you touch the chicken you have to wash your hands before you touch something else so what I did was get everything ready and then start to cut my chicken I'm going to cut my chicken in half on like a horizontal plane to make it thinner and for it to be able to be used like stretch the recipe a little bit more and then I'm going to lay the plastic wrap on top of it and flatten it out with a mallet and I'm prepping like I said everything with the aluminum foil on the pan so that I don't have to touch extra items and cross contaminate anything [Music] I wanna get to your clothes gotta get it right now I wanna push all the limits with you right now so what you feel things as it is cream and when they're coming home tonight but Levi quick in the word gotta get it right now people talking tell what you wanna hear but they are deserve a little it down so we better stick together come whatever when I come in home tonight but live and click in the web gotta get it right now so just so you know I wash my hands after cutting the chicken that's when you're gonna see me with a hand towel drying my hands but in the video you're gonna see me give you a cue on every time that I wash my hands and I'm going to do spirit fingers on the camera to show you that I did wash my hands like four or five different times in this process we should be together Abbi whether we're heading for tonight you better take what you can cuz the time is right [Music] now it's time to get your chicken prepared for cooking and you're going to start with adding some salt and pepper of your liking and you're going to fill the center of the chicken with the main ingredients the basil pesto is first and then your cheese so be sure to not cross contaminate and make sure your spoon or whatever utensil you're using does not touch the chicken because you do not want chicken inside of your jar [Music] now it's roll up time you're going to take a few toothpicks probably three or four per chicken breasts depending on the size and you just basically roll it up like a tortilla and you pin it together I actually um had to be a little bit careful with two of these because of how I cut I did not cut as well as I would like but make sure they're pinned very tightly together because you are going to next sear it on a frying pan and you do not want all of your ingredients to fall out you want it to melt and cook with the chicken so be sure to secure it very very well [Music] hey I've been dreaming now about you every night I see you clear as day it's just something about the way you make me feel cuz I can anytime you say now it's time to sear your chicken before placing it in the oven so you're going to heat up some olive oil in a pan I also did preheat my oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit while I was cooking so heat up your oil and once it gets to a medium-high temperature you're going to sear your chicken while we're waiting for the pan to heat up I have a recipe keeper here taking the time finding your favorite recipes writing them out or copy and pasting them twisting them off and put it in a binder or something that you have in one location because all I have to do is find the section that this recipe is in basil pesto chicken roll-ups so I'm gonna look at it while I cook so let's keep going I also wanted to mention that instead of making brown rice I actually have some rice already cooked this is actually from my mother-in-law she cooks a lot on Sundays she gives us some leftovers during the week and it's just so generous of her so this is rice that is leftover so I'm just gonna use that [Music] now the pan is hot you're going to see your each side of the chicken for about three to four minutes and once the searing is done you're gonna place it back onto your pan and place it in the oven for an additional twenty to twenty-five minutes and it should be perfectly moist and the cheese should be melted and just completely like candy in your mouth [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it's what you do to me they do my hands beat sir and how you William I [Music] while the chicken is finishing cooking in the oven I'm going to prepare my pan for the spinach all I'm doing is butter I was gonna do olive oil but I decided against it but I'm just gonna add a little bit of butter let it melt and then I'm gonna use almost a whole bag of spinach and then later on I'm going to saute some garlic at the end and there you go just simple simple healthy of vegetable side for this meal and it's so delicious hey ID you got a new best friend yeah it's a bit alone but then that it doesn't matter but Joe is someone [Music] you know it is how it's supposed to be if I'm unable to make you happy then it's for the better but you are not me [Music] that's what I brought you later [Music] I find so much better I need to tell you you let's read the and hope of a happy bride [Music] doesn't feel like it was harmful one thing I love about this meal is that it is a very simple meal to not only cook but to clean up and so as you can tell I'm just kind of grabbing little items putting them back in the pantry or the fridge and just cleaning some things up as I go and I also love it that I can use the chicken pan before when I sear it and then place it right back on the pan for it to finish cooking in the oven [Music] that's why I told you a letter pa I hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as I loved cooking it it is truly a very delicious recipe and it makes the home smell amazing and it gets your family that wonderful elegant feel at home and it's such a simple dinner the ingredients are not expensive but they're so doable don't forget to check out that playlist in my description box and get more delicious chicken recipes thank you again for watching I'll see you in my next video bye [Music] yeah it's a bit

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