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Super tasty Vegan Chocolate Muffins recipe 🎂🤤



*** See below in the description area for ingredients/recipe *** Part A: 90g homemade vegan butter Break up the butter 120g white sugar Mix sugar with butter 2 Egg Replacements(equal 2 eggs) 2 tbsp Bobs Red Mill Egg Replacer 4 tbsp water Let sit for one minute Add Egg Replacements in three parts Mixing in three parts will allow the ingredients to blend together well Part B: Sift cake flour, cacao powder and baking powder 150g cake flour Sifting dry ingredients will prevent lumps 35g cacao powder 5g baking powder 90g unsweetened soy drink Add ingredients from part A and B and soy drink together in 2 parts Mixing in two parts will allow the ingredients to blend together well 90g chocolate chips Add in 60g and mix well Grease muffin pans to prevent sticking Pour muffin batter in muffin pans Decorate muffins with remaining 30g of chocolate chips Bake at 150°C/302°F for 35 minutes It’s done! Sprinkle powdered sugar on top Vegan chocolate muffins

Source: Youtube

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