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Surprising a subscriber with a $1000 Cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon



We're about to surprise a subscriber with a $1,000 cake and she has no idea that we're coming to her house! Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon and this is of course Dave Reardon my lovely husband 💪 You guys know him Now one of the things you've been asking for is could we do 'mail time' 💌 on camera so Dave has been down to the PO box thank you for that I'm gonna give you a heavy parcel I don't know what that one is and let's see this one is from Judy okay me first

Re: the hundred-year-old baking cakes my father took bread and dripping to school for his lunch in the Depression era wow thank you for that Judy That's very cool what's in yours? I have a terrific book by Kawaii Sweet World's cookbook Hope you're doing well, wanted to send you a copy of my new cookbook for you to enjoy 75 all new recipes always been a fan of yours for so long hope you enjoy it keep up the amazing content Oh look if I can find where you buy the cookbook I might put a link to that below so that is her new book Good on ya What is this one? Another letter

Papier! This is from Kass and Kass also got a puppy we got a puppy as you know Molly 🐶 she got a puppy Missy at the same time and she got home from school yesterday I came into my room and she was fast asleep on my bed She loves socks and tissues and cling wrap! Molly loves socks and tissues if she can get into the recycle bin in particular

oh my goodness what a huge huge mess! Don't you think it would be so much fun just to rock up on the doorstep of one of our subscribers and just surprise them? We should do it! How would you choose who? There is so many Someone in Australia Well that would make life easier

Hey what is this? Oh look at that! That says Ann's recipes and that says Dave's notes for my next book! Papier, we love your channel just wanted to send you a little personalized gift and we added something in for Dave too – Thank You! Kindest regards Sarah and the Papier team That's very nice I know who this is from I'm excited about this one this is from Mud Australia, I really really like Mud Do you want to explain what mud is? You know all the little bowls in my videos little ones and lots of people ask where I got them from, they're from Mud they're very pretty

They're pretty and they're fine I really like ceramics and pottery and I think because I like artistic crafty things I really appreciate things that are well crafted these are a favourite These are handmade? Yeah, they're with it's called a yeah I can't remember

Lots of little bowls you will see they see the upcoming videos very kind of them Thank you Mud So who are gonna go to? Do you reckon we really can? We should, like a real a super-fan! Someone who comments someone who obviously they've written, but they comment all the times Maybe someone with a good story You know who could be good and I'm pretty sure she's in Australia

you know that the girl who sent a hand-painted card to James when he was in hospital and she sent me a handmade birthday card and she's one of the first to comment nearly every video? Yeah I reckon I can look for her card because the birthday card she sent had a flower and she wrote when James was sick right, when he was really sick? She did and she said that she's been in hospital a lot as well! Done, she's the one! But where does she live Emily she's in Queensland That's part of Australia 🇦🇺it is, it's not in the same State But it's only a PO box, so we can't just rock up to a PO box and yell 'surprise'! What if I was to write to the parents at the PO box because probably it's their PO box It probably is because kids don't have a PO boxes

We just got an email here from Emily's mum your idea sounds great and I'm very happy to help you make this a really special time for Emily I'm trying to decide what to do for Emily's cake we fly in a couple of days so I need to bake today I need to get this sorted out I'm stressing out a bit

I've been emailing her mum, I know she likes chocolates I've already decided on a chocolate cake I've also found this little box idea that you put some plastic bag things in and you pull out surprises that are hidden inside the cake Usually traditionally they just have money in them so we might put some cash in there so she can go buy some stuff but also Dave's secured some tickets So I want to put that inside, so I was thinking a cake about this size would be good and then I can hide that inside chocolate cake chocolate bars around the outside and then I remembered on a plane you're not allowed to hold things on your knee for takeoff and landing

they have to be in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you So I pulled out my hand baggage case to measure how tall those compartments are and it's way too big there's no way this is gonna fit so I'm gonna have to go back to the cake decorating shop get a different cake box smaller cake boards and shrink my whole idea down so that it will fit in the overhead compartment I'm also a little bit worried because on planes when they come into land the whole plane actually tilts like this and because I'm not holding the cake I can't balance that out and tilt it the other way

the actual cake is just going to tilt so I'm a bit concerned that we're going to get there and have a cake that's falling apart um I guess if that happens I don't know I guess it depends how bad is whether I'll be able to repair it or not I'm just kind of hoping and praying that the cake stays together But first of all we do need to actually make it I'm making up a big bowl of milk chocolate ganache for between the layers and then I'm gonna put that in the fridge to firm up while I bake the cakes

I'm using my rich chocolate cake and the recipe for that is of course on the How To Cook That website with a video showing how to make it so I'm not going to do that here It does have a lot of eggs in it and that makes it a really moist cake, you can also swap the flour out for gluten-free flour if you're a celiac or just not eating gluten We're going to need four trays of this cake because the cake we're making is quite big The plastic box that I had is a bit too big so I'm making my own just by cutting a firm box down to size Then we're going to need a plastic tube in the middle this is just a cake support tube and I've cut it to the same width as the box and then I'm just gonna spike a cake pop stick right the way through the middle so it sticks out either side and looks like that

Next we just need a slit at the top now I don't want that in the middle I want it right at the front or the back and it needs to be just wide enough to pull these out of it So once it's finished my box looks like this it has a roller in the middle and a slit right over to one side Slide your money into your bags in Australia our notes are actually plastic so you probably could wash these up really well and just use them but I just don't like the thought of money touching food so I'm gonna put it all in bags Now we have to put all of those together so what you have to do is peel off the adhesive from one and just join the next one on like that and once they're all joined together you can roll them around the tube and roll it up and then secure it inside the box using the cake pop stick Then I'm going to wrap the whole thing in sticky tape so it doesn't absorb the moisture from the cake or the frosting Now that the cakes are cooled you can cut them into squares and you should be able to get two squares from each tray then add a little bit of ganache onto a cake board that is slightly bigger than the size we cut the squares of cake and this ganache is just to stop the cake from slipping then add your first layer of cake on top and then because this is not being eaten today I'm going to add some simple syrup to keep it really moist

This is just equal quantities of sugar and water heated together until the sugar is dissolved Stack up your first three layers and then add cake support rods I'm using four rods one in each corner Spread on a thin layer of ganache add a cake board a little bit more ganache and then your next layer of cake and then stack it up to the top Use something straight to make sure you've stacked them directly on top of each other not crooked like me and adjust that just to make it right Cover the top of the cake in buttercream making it as flat as you can and do the same on all four sides

I am using buttercream on the side so use ganache between the layers you can use ganache on the sides as well if you want to it's up to you Run something straight along the edge and then add more buttercream wherever you have gaps and then just run it along again The frosting is nearly done and now I have remembered that I've got to put a box inside the cake so if you're making this put the box in before you do the frosting! 🤣 cut a hole in the top that is the depth of the box plus a little bit and scoop out that cake and then add the box into place pushing it down firmly and then you want to hide the evidence by covering that over with buttercream now for the outside I want to have Chevroned patterned KitKats Now I started cutting them on a 45 degree angle at each end but then it didn't look that neat when I put them together so instead I decided that it's much easier if I put them together like this in this sort of pattern and then I don't have to cut any of the ones in the middle I only have to cut the ones at the edge and to do that I'm putting them between two cake boards and trimming it off in a straight line

Once you've cut them all add them to the sides of your cake and once all the sides are done then use two boards to gently just push them into the buttercream now I'm going to make sure they stay there and they're not going to fall off while we're traveling and now to package it for the plane ✈ This cake is really heavy so I'm hoping it's not over the hand-luggage weight limit and hopefully the box will hold all the KitKats in place while we're traveling because this cakes gonna be out of the fridge for the whole journey I know if she likes Harry Styles so I thought I might put a butterfly on the top which is his tattoo just as a nod to that

then I'm just cutting around it so that the shape is perfect 🦋 We need supports obviously so that we can poke it into the top of the cake but also I've got this cross support that is going to have the packet over the top To make it strong get two little rectangles of fondant and add them on top of the rods at the back, then flip the whole thing over and using an edible food grade marker draw on the butterfly tattoo pattern

Personally I have never had a tattoo I don't really want one but I'm just imagining as I draw all these lines how much this would hurt it's so detailed to get all of that inked in with needles just sounds very painful 🤕 then we want to roll a really thin snake of black and add that on for the antennae Then to pack my suitcase, load up the car get the cake and we're off Okay are you ready everyone? Hi are you Emily? Your Mum knew all about πŸ™‚ So this is Emily obviously

so you wrote James a letter a while ago when he was in hospital and you mentioned then that you yourself have had like 20 surgeries or anaesthetics before do you mind me asking why you had so many surgeries? I have juvenile arthritis, I've had that since I was three Wow So um I just go in every now and then when things start to get really bad And you said you had one when you were awake? Yeah I've had a couple when I'm awake! That's very brave, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun at all and you said in the comments a while ago that you wanted to marry Harry Styles are you still a fan? Yes yes! So did you recognize the top of the cake? Yes 💕 We'll take the butterfly off and then we'll cut it and have morning tea, sound good? Keep pulling! See there's lots of surprises today

We've got some money for you to spend on whatever you watch and then this one is for the whole family to go to Movie World and then also down the bottom we have tickets for the whole family to go to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical! We thought since your Mum and your sister and everyone else has been keeping the secret we thought we'd do something that you could all do together Matt come in, so this is actually a Golden Ticket for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so that's for opening night when it comes here so you guys can go and see that That's for you Are you feeling overwhelmed again? Yeah! This is going to be really hard to cut, I'm not gonna lie! There's KitKats all over the outside Oh look she's a pro! Now you've been baking cakes as well I hear you made a sponge cake for your mum's birthday? It's really good! Should we get some for your family as well? Mmm-hmm! We should

They're all sitting watching on Let's get them cake too Do you want to do the end of the video for me? Subscribe to How To Cook That, make sure give it a thumbs up and click here, here and somewhere to watch other videos Awesome she's a YouTuber in the making! Thanks also to my Patreon sponsors we make this sort of videos possible, make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday

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