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SVQ Cookery courses at Argyll College


I'm Ewen I'm studying SVQ Level 3 in Professional Cookery I started cooking from a young age and then I just fell into the industry and that's me been there ever since

I work in Eeusk in Oban on the North Pier and I've been there 6 years We're a seafood restaurant so it's all seafood apart from steaks We have a lot of shellfish so it's helped me with college with my shellfish units and my fish units obviously It's made it easier for me So I came in at Level 3 starting college so my experience has helped me get through

I've know people in the past that have done it and, obviously, it's a national qualification so, something you need to do There's so much to learn, you'll never stop learning in the industry My presentation skills have got better and my dessert skills My work, they obviously welcome me doing because they benefit because I'm learning more and can use the knowledge I'm getting in college and can help me do my job better and help others as well So, hopefully, one day I'll have my own business but I need to finish my qualifications and need to work my way up the industry

If you like cooking do the course, there's great tutors, you'll learn a lot, you'll learn something new every week soit's worth doing

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