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Sweet and Sour BEEF in Vinegar – easy recipe | one meal



Today's meal: Sweet and Sour Beef Beef/ Garlic/ Chillies Vinegar / Fish sauce slice and chop the garlic looking good ^^ Now, the chillie time spicy spicy food coming let's take care of the beef now ^^ look at that red color ^^ almost there hehe done ^^ tuuuu duuuu tuuu duuu add a cup of white vinegar in bring it to boil add the garlic and chillies yee 3 Tbs fish sauce 2 and 1/2 Tbs sugar bring it to boil again 1/4 tsp salt time to add the beef taadaaa bring to boil again ^^ are you hungry yet? Because i am let's try it out guys perfect flavourSweet, sour and a bit spicy Did you enjoy today's meal? See you in the next meal ^^

Source: Youtube

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