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Sweet Corn & Pork Ribs Soup | easy healthy recipes – Chinese food



Let's cook the food Hello this is how to cook Chinese food in wow cooking channel please follow me Today we will make a corn ribs soup First we will prepare 250g pork ribs Clean it and cut it into small pieces Then soak in clean water to remove blood Soak for about 2 to 5 hours During soaking You can change the water every half an hour If the blood is not removed The soup made will be stale After removing blood from pork ribs Let's cook the ribs in hot water again This will completely remove the blood from the ribs Wash the spare ribs after cooking We blanched the ribs with water We prepare a sweet corn with less starch and sweet taste Cut the corn into small pieces Blanch it with boiling water Take it out for use Next we have to prepare some green onions Take 20 grams of shallots Cut the shallots into segments and place in a bowl OK, we can start making soup Prepare our soup casserole If there is no casserole, you can also use other soup pots Add 1 kg of water to the pot Then add our prepared pork ribs Then add the prepared corn pieces To get them into the water completely At this time, the chopped green onions can also be put in Finally we are adding 50ml of rice wine Seasoned with 10 grams of table salt Okay, cover it and start cooking After the pot boils There will be a little foam on the surface of the soup The main component of the foam is protein Although it can be eaten, it will affect the taste of the soup So we have to skim the foam Then cover the pot and adjust to low heat Stew for two hours Okay, time is up You see the bones in the soup are intact and not bad It’s meaty, tender, chewy, and non-plugging Soup is clear without chaos Corn is complete and golden in color All the sweetness of corn penetrates into the soup And the meaty flavor has also entered the corn kernels and soup Subscribe to us and turn on the small bell to remind you that you will get more delicious recipes If you feel delicious, please give us a comment or like thank you Take a quick bite Let this sweet gravy fill our mouth This is the wow cooking channel

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New Cookery Recipes
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