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Sweet Crunchy Jalebi (जलेबी ) Recipe



Hello Today I am Jalebi as I did in my previous video Said that I belong to Benares I will show you like Jalebi I had Jalebi with Ghughri and Kachori And Jalebi was not made in that video

So today I am going to tell Jalebi And Jalebi was not made in that video So today I am going to tell Jalebi I have taken a bowl of sugar, Soak Urad dal overnight The paste has been made Maida one bowl And half bowl rice flour And this food color is orange color

Rabri actually Rabri actuali is made at home, I have cold milk and cream A little almonds for garnish So let's first make sugar syrup Will take utensil in which this sugar which was our bowl will put One bowl of water This sugar we Will leave to make sugar syrup And will keep going in between

Our Chasni is ready So now we'll turn off the gas I have not made too much thick sauce Because Jalebi will be very sweet again First we'll take maida, a bowl and 0:02:01

100,0:02:02920 We'll put half a bowl of Urad dal Which I made paste Half a bowl Will take a little more Rice flour Two tablespoons, this will make this jalebi crisp Crispy will take

Add some water and mix all the things Will make blatter Half of what we take refined flour and We will take rice flour for half of urad ki dal And we will mix all three to make a blatter We will make such a smooth solution for Jalebi So we will add fruit color to it, orange food color, little bit 14 spoon And mix it well Better is it that at night Keep it wet and make it very good in the morning

My mother used to be like this Used to cook in the morning and at night I am making instant Ready now and I cook now Jalebi's blatters will fill their Jalebi's piping later

Have taken this piping bag, will put it in the glass I will put it in the glass I have set the oil to heat I'll fill this blatter in it, and 0:04:38500,0:04:40

140 This way you will cut at the tip Our oil has been heated and will keep the flame high on flame And now we will start making jalebi in it I am adding mixed fruit essence to the Chasani, Which will bring a little fruity flavor Just a little bit

Will put four to five drops We will mix it in the Chasni It will give fruti Flavor to Chasani Now we'll put the fried jalebi in the sauce Let it remain in the Chasni for two minutes, so that Jalebia is what it is Soak the sauce Just get it out in a plate Became jalebia

Will be plating it nowRabri first I will These small bowls are on it So a little cream and milk for garnishing I have torn it, and will do garnishing now रRabri first I will These small bowls are on it He will keep hot jalebi on it

Even a little bit of Rabri on Jalebi, And now, take some almonds Will garnish it So our jalebi and Rabri is ready

Source: Youtube

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