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Sweet Kachori Recipe | कचोरी रेसिपी By Goth Cast | Seema Ghogale & Shalaka Pawar | मग आज काय खायचं?



Hey Minal Aunt, let's go! Hey Minal Aunt, what are you doing? Wait, I'm clicking a photo We will put your photo's hoarding outside Mhapsekar's house

Don't say anything! So what! I told you right that today we are going into Sulekha's kitchen? What? – I mean in Ruchkar Mejwani's kitchen Yes! – Yes Today don't speak in Malwani try to speak in Marathi Let's go – Yes, Let's go

Let's go – Let's go Namaste! I'm Shalaka Pawar Namaste! I'm Seema ghogale Which means I'm Sulekha from Goth

And I am your Aunt Minal! – Yes! But today we are here in Ruchkar Mejwani So, what are we gonna eat today? But today I'm not gonna do anything, Our Seema is gonna do it And I'm just gonna assist her In today's episode of 'Mag Aaj Kay Khaycha' we are making Sweet Kachori Come on, let's start it soon! – Yes Let's have a look at ingredients Boiled potatoes

Rajgira's (Royal grain) flour You can also use Varicha (Samo seeds) flour or Sabudana (Tapioca) flour This is one bowl of dried grated coconut Grounded peanut Sugar

If you want you can also use dry fruits We are gonna use some as we like it Finely chopped chilli Lemon juice and salt Now let's make the cover for Sweet Kachori, okay? For that we have to take a potato

We both have to mash this potatoes together? – Yes, we have to mash it That means whatever we say to each other in serial We can pour all that anger on this

Yes, Aunt Minal, you will say this to me! But how do you know so many recipes, Seema? You also bring new good dishes on sets On the set, everyone is happy with her You say non veg or veg, she brings tiffin for all of us I like it very much, to cook and to serve Now this potato has nicely mashed

– Yes Now Shalaka – Yes? Please add some Rajgira's flour into this

– Yes I will do that We have added 3 spoon of Rajgira's flour in potato Now little salt to taste Yes Hey tell me who from our serial resembles this potato? What do you think? Abhay

Everyone wants him, actually he is like a spice of the serial Still we are tagging him as potato Bind the flour properly

Rajgira helps in good binding right? Yes the Kachori won't break If the outer cover is good then it won't break Because the filling is like raw, we don't cook that It should not happen like, we put it in the oil and it just broke Okay, so we have mix this well now

Now we will keep this aside for around 5 to 6 minutes Okay Now let's start with making the filling? Seema, till then I will keep oil to heat

– Okay, that will do Okay? – Yes So this is grated coconut 1 bowl Peanut powder around 2 spoon Add dry fruits if you want to, it is okay if you don't put it

Sugar, 2 spoons It's is sweet Kachori so it will be sweet obviously Yes Even if it is little more, it is okay – Chilli Only if you like it as some people like that spicy taste in between Yes – Combination of sweet and spicy Like we have Neela? Correct Lemon juice, just a little Somewhere around 1 spoon is fine

For the somewhat sweet and sour kind of taste Now lord Ganesh is gonna arrive So for that we always make some dishes, see some recipes So Sweet Kachori is a good option for you And as Seema is making so it is very good Some salt Now we have to mix this well Can we add wet coconut to this? Yes, we can add wet coconut too

But due to wet coconut it gets little sticky hence dry coconut is a good option Okay so now our filling is ready Now let's start with Kachori This needs skill so let her do this I have applied little oil on my palms

We have to thin this out as we have to make cover out of it And we had not applied any oil to this while binding This is because it don't stick and stay good Should we put it with hands, that would be better Now you have to round this like a Modak

– Yes Just to don't have to pinch it and make a pattern It is easier to eat but to make it It is little hard but you can do it Yes – This time I have decided what I will make Really? – Yes, I'm gonna do this Here is our 1 kachori ready

We are gonna make more 5- 6 kachori's similarly Do we have to take this on set? – Yes of course, we have to They will hit us if we don't take it If you want to try then try one – Of course I am

I will do it right or not that's a doubt You are not that bad of a cook as you are showing, even you bring good dishes Actually in Goth, Sulekha cooks the most – Yes And I do cook at home but I am no good in comparison to her

So we usually eat same kind of food Shalaka brings tiffin once in a while but, its taste makes up for 10 days Yes, I did one successfully – Oh wow! You can see it Is that done? – Yes

Our Kachori is ready now let's fry it Oil has been heated well, now we will put this in slowly Yes, if you don't like deep fried So you can do it in less oil like You fry the puri Shallow fry Wow! We don't have to fry it more – We have to fry till it's golden brown Switch off the gas

We are frying to make it little crispy Otherwise too it is cooked Lord Ganesha special sweet Kachori is ready We have showed you the recipe so try it And after that

Like and subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani And while eating this don't forget to watch Monday to Saturday at 9:30 on Star Pravah, serial 'Goth'

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