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Sweet Lassi Recipe/Indian Traditional sweet Yoghurt drink/ Punjabi Lassi With Cream/Melting Flavour



hello my dear friends ,welcome to my youtube channel melting flavours Friends today we have bought for you a yoghurt based drink called the sweet Lassi and which has a origin from the Indian subcontinent

So I have taken here around One and a half cups of thick curd three to four tablespoons of sugar depending on the sourness of the curd I will be using Ice cubes instead of water so that my recipe turns outr to be more chilled and more tastier and I wwill be adding or garnishing it with home made cream after the recipe is prepared Add Cardamom powder if you like the taste of it or you can completely avoid it now pour everything into the mixie jar and give it a good churn till the icecubes are perfectly blended along with the other ingredients For all those who do not know much about the variations of this recipe ,let me give you a little bit more information on that,this recipe friends,can be even flavoured with salt other than sugar,you can also spice it up with the spices of your choicemake it make it with the fresh fruits or dry fruits of your choice so do let us know in the comments below whether you like the original Lassi drink, which we are showing in this video or you like any other variations to it after the ingredients have really blended well it is time to take it out into a serving glass try pouring it from a little top so that it gives out a good lather and it really looks delicious you may garnish it with some home made cream or dry fruits of your choice

I am sure friends you will love this recipe by not only preparing it but also serving it to your guests and relishing it yourselves do let us know in your comments how it worked out for you before I take leave of you let me request you once again to subscribe to my channel if you really like our videos and press the bell icon next to it so that you are notified of all the updates and please do not forget to share it among your friends and give us a like if you like our recipe for today Thank you so much for watching

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New Cookery Recipes
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