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Sweet Milk Dalia Recipe | Meetha Daliya With Milk In Hindi | Sweet Wheat Porridge



we are preparing shahi milk dalia, a sweet milk porridge enriched with nuts and aromatic spices ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box here they are full-fat milk dalia/broken or cracked wheat sugar cardamom powder sliced pistachios sliced almonds sliced cashews raisins saffron we will dry roast the cracked wheat first if you wish you can take roasted cracked wheat and skip this process add the dalia in a pressure cooker and dry roast it on low to low medium heat for 5 minutes stir constantly to ensure it does not get scorched and is roasted evenly once it starts to leave its aroma it is roasted proper roasted is the key to preparing an excellent milk porridge add the water

close the pressure cooker and cook for 2 whistles on medium heat after 2 whistles put off the heat and keep aside to let the pressure subside in the meantime boil the milk we have taken raw unboiled milk heat the milk till it comes to a boil we have kept it on low so that the milk is boiling by the time the pressure in the cooker is out once the pressure is gone open the cooker and as you can see here the dalia is soft the milk also has come to a boil keep heat on medium now and add the saffron, cardamom powder, sliced cashews & almonds (save some for garnishing), and sugar stir and add the raisins too stir till the sugar dissolves add the boiled dalia once the sugar dissolves completely keep stirring as you add to prevent formation of lumps keep heat on low and stir cook for 2-3 minutes till the porridge thickens a bit and combines nicely with the milk after 3 minutes our dalia/porridge is ready it is absolutely smooth and lump free proper roasting of the cracked wheat will ensure your porridge will turn out smooth and delicious turn off the heat and transfer to a serving bowl garnish with the sliced pistachios and the saved sliced cashews and almonds also sprinkle some cardamom powder for extra flavor here is our dish of the day – shahi milk dalia, a royal sweet milk porridge

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