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Sweet miso eggplant salad! Heavenly, simple & delicious vegan recipe



hello and welcome to another episode of Kärlek kitchen after our long absence we have something very special for you today and a little bit healthy can you tell us what we're cooking today? that is true, today we are making a very healthy simple and easy salad it's gonna be marinated eggplant with a miso and maple syrup we are gonna make some spicy cucumber to go with it and on top of that we're gonna have some bulgar salad, it is inspired a little bit by middle eastern salad tabouli very close to tabouli, we are going to put our spin on it Great let's get started We will put the eggplants in the oven they will need about 30 minutes it's just some salt olive oil and pepper and then we go to put the marinate on top, in the meantime we will prepared the bulgur, its going to be ready in about 20 minutes

and now we're gonna make spicy cucumber salad so first we're gonna make it We need ingredients like sugar, brown sugar preferably, some vinegar, rice vinegar is the best but we have red wine vinegar, its still fine some chili some sesame oil and a bit of soy sauce very sour! yum! it has to be like that This is like half a kilo of Cucumber and it should marinate for about 10 minutes the longer the better so it's more spicy if you prefer that way and keep in the fridge, so it gets cold very good so I see the eggplants are almost ready so what do you do what do you need to do now? now we are going to make the marinate for the eggplants to put on top so it can caramelise them a bit time to assemble! Let's do it So we start with the bulgur salad first It smells so nice a bit of tahini sauce so hot a bit of cucumber I'm super excited and we have none-alcoholic beers here you know keeping it kosher for the baby But we're super excited so let's dig in, we have been starving all day That is a big portion I love it! Is it any good? wow! I think its delicious, it is very refreshing

The flavour because of the mint the lemon but also a bit sweet and caramelised because of the eggplants very meaty, sorry but I have to go again This is what I love about it, its so soft and melted and a little bit of cucumber on top This is a big bite all right now let's chow this down! Let's go! and as always we have demolished everything That was so delicious yeah it took us one minute and 30 seconds to eat this whole yeah that's about right so it's time for a siesta now I think

we have enjoyed our none-alcoholic beers cheers! and we'll call it a day we hope you enjoyed this vlog and if you did as always make sure to like, subscribe and comment so we can create more videos like this see you next time see ya

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New Cookery Recipes
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