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Sweet pongal/Kovil Sakkarai pongal in Tamil



sweet pongal – temple style pls subscribe this channel for more videos raw rice – 1/2 cup moong dhal – 2 tsp ghee – 1/4 cup cashews – 1/4 cup cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp a pinch of green camphor jaggery – 1/2 cup if it has dust means u just heat with 1/4 cup water , filter and take it now heat a pan now add 2 spoons ghee in it heat it and fry the cashews transfer it on a plate now fry the dhal in a same ghee fry it for a minute now add the raw rice in it fry it well now transfer this both in a cooker add 2 and half cup of water in it close the cooker cook it until 3 whistles cook it in a medium flame once it cooled , open the cooker smash it like this now add a spoon of ghee in a pan and add the smashed rice now add the jaggery in it if u prepare jaggery water means add into it mix this well once the jaggery mixed completely with the rice in this stage, add the remaining ghee in it mix well until it will not stick to the pan add cardamom powder and camphor along with it mix it well it is ready now

it will not sticky finally add the fried cashews in it mix well this is the correct stage to switch off the flame it is tempting very tasty to eat see u soon with another recipe

Source: Youtube

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