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Sweet Potato Fritters + Smoked Whitefish Recipes By Michael Symon



We took two whole sweet potatoes Two big ole sweet potatoes

And we grated 'em The most nutrient dense item you can buy in the produce department, by the way Because I am all about nutrients (audience laughing) That's a lie, a full lie So, So you squeezed out the excess liquid

Yeah we squeezed out the excess liquid, and then I'm going to add, we have two scallions here Yeah Those go in You saw me chop up that little bit of dill Love dill

And that feta, which gives it the saltiness, and then a whole egg, and I'm just gonna keep building Salt, because you need even a little bit more salt even with the feta Cracked black pepper, and then flour So this is, Just a little to keep it stuck together Yeah, you're just gonna keep it bound

I just take an ice cream scoop, Right so you can portion it out, just so they're all kind of equal, right? Just so they're all the same size Then you pack it, and then you just press it down a little bit into your fritter, like so, like a little potato pancake It's like a latke Yeah, I have the oil here at about 350 degrees Yeah

And you could obviously do this with, And it's just a cast-iron skillet there, with a little bit of, you know, innocuous oil Any oil you can see through, right? (wooshes) Look, there's just some sweet potato fritters, Want to take a fritter break? Yes I do If you guys want some, you look hungry Okay, we're gonna take a fritter break (audience applauds) (swooshes) Smoked whitefish pate, Yum

or salad You could do this with trout, any white, flaky fish could find Then you could just go to the store, of course You can order it online But if you wanna smoke it at home, you're gonna take salt and brown sugar, about a cup and a cup, and then cover this with ice, ice cold water and brine it for about six hours

You then put it onto your smoker, whichever kind of smoker you have, 250 degrees till the fish reaches about 150 internal temp, it's gonna take about two hours then you're smoked Or obviously you could buy it Easy Or you could just buy it at the deli Right

We did two versions here, or at the deli (laughs) We do two versions of this at home, depending on, on my mood We do a smooth one and a flaky one, either one is fine But the ingredients are the same So I took the whitefish, I split it into two separate ones

So what I like to do is, you take about a quarter cup of mayonnaise, a quarter cup of Greek yogurt, just to make it feel like it's healthier I love Greek yogurt (mumbles) than it actually is No, it gives it a tang It's got tang [Woman In Yellow Shirt] I love how you guys do it with no measuring cup It's all, it's (mumbles) (laughs) There are some things when you bake where you have measure, 'cause there's a little science involved in it

Here's the seed, we put in about a teaspoon of paprika Celery seed! Celery seed is what puts this over the top So we're gonna put in about a teaspoon of celery seed, a couple glugs of your (mumbles), We always put celery seed in our Bloody Maries too So good Yes

Delicious [Woman In Yellow Shirt] Is that olive oil? Little olive oil Olive oil, pinch of salt, pinch of pepper, couple scallion, put the lid on, and 'cause I'm from the Midwest, I say scale-llion Scale-llion Scale-llion And then we just pulse this until it is this kind of beautiful smooth spread And this has become a real favorite in my house for the holidays

I'm gonna put a little more olive oil in because Yeah, you want that nice consistency I like fat (laughs) (audience claps) So we take this spread, This is why we're friends (laughs) We put it out, (laughs) We have so much in common, gluten, salt, and fat Everybody's like "You can't eat gluten

" I'm like, "What, are they closing down Italy?" (laughter) Gluten, it killed everybody I'll tell you, that gluten (laughs) Okay, Alright You take a little bit of celery leaves, Celery (mumbles) leaves, yep And then you have some rye

Nice And you just take this and you have these great little, Pass it on down the line This great little whitefish spread And again, you could do this with any smoked fish You could have fun with what the fats are, the seasonings are, but I really just like it

I think it's incredibly easy We always have it around the house, and what I like to do the next day, I want a caper berry on mine, too Yeah, take a caper berry What I like to do, And what do we call this, Michael, just Smoked Whitefish spread? Oh, oh, Smoked Whitefish pate, or spread And the next day, too, it takes the tuna fish sandwich and blows it out of the water

Oh, wow So you could do it with some shaved onion and, (audience applauds) So I tend to make a bunch So the same ingredients, you can make it, You just kind of toss it together You make a chunkier version (audience applauds) (twinkles)

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