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Jai Guru Dev welcome to the navarathri special fasting recipes In India every festival has its own speciality of food and a very essential part of that food is sweets, so today what we are going to learn to make is something which is very easy and which is great for fasting and that is the sweet potato halwa for the sweet potato halva we will need three to four sweet potatoes steamed peeled and mashed, dates

the dates need to be de-seeded & preferably chopped deseeded and preferably chopped soaked Soaked almonds the almonds need to be soaked for at least three to four hours, cow's pure ghee few tablespoons of milk and saffron for enhancing the flip so we start by adding the milk a little bit of either nutmeg or cinnamon powder some cardamom we're going to add the almonds and the dates and we're going to let this boil for a while I would advise chopping the dates a little bit to make it faster once it's cooked we are going to put it into the mixer to blend it now we want to blend this into a smooth puree and this is the puree that I've emptied from the blender or a mixer whichever you're using it should be as smooth as this consistency so that when we make the halva the Alma will also come out very soft and smooth in texture and now we are going to start making the halva for that I'm going to add the mashed potatoes so we add the mashed potatoes we are going to add the puree as well a little bit of ghee, clarified butter and we are going to mix all of this together if the consistency is a little too thick to be cooked you can add a little bit of milk we let it boil for a few minutes and then we'll add some Safran and finally your sweet potato halwa is ready to be eaten I've garnished it with a little bit of almonds you can do some other nuts or you can serve it just like that it's as tasty without it enjoy

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