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Sweet Rava Appam in Tamil/Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe/Appam Recipe/Instant appam recipe



Today lets see how to prepare Sweet Rava Appam / Kuzhi Paniyaram Add half of the milk , save the milk for adding it with the jaggery Its boiled milk Now the batter is of idli batter consistency Set it aside for 15 mins , so that the rava gets soaked well Now the rava has been soaked well and the batter has turned thick Add the jaggery (Nattu sakkarai) to the milk and mix it well Add jaggery / any other sweetener according to your sweetness Make sure that there are no lumps Along with the grated coconut , you can add roasted peanut or cashews The batter is ready Heat oil in the kuzhi paniyaram maker When one side is cooked well , flip it to the other side Rava sweet kuzhi paniyaram is ready Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!

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