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Sweet Recipe That Melts In Your Mouth|Paneer Barfi|Sandesh|பன்னீர் பர்பி



Hello viewers today we are going to see a tasty and different sweet recipe, "Paneer Barfi" Lets prepare paneer Add 2 cups full cream milk

When it starts to boil add half juice of lemon in medium flame Milk solids will begin to separate Filter in a muslin cloth Wash in cold water to remove lemon smell Squeeze and hang for 30 mins To prepare any masala dishes, place weight on paneer and refrigerate

Then cut the paneer into cubes and add in your dishes Lets prepare burfi Add 2 cups full cream milk in heavy bottomed pan Let it reduce to half in medium flame Collect malai/cream which enhances the flavor

Now add paneer and let it become dry It has started to thicken Add 1/2 cup sugar Cardamom powder After adding sugar, it will start to liquify

Later it will start to thicken Add saffron soaked in warm milk At this stage switch off the flame Grease a plate with ghee and shape the paneer barfi Add chopped nuts Place in fridge for 2 hrs

After 2 hrs cut the barfi to pieces and serve Rich paneer barfi is ready Paneer, saffron and nuts give a delicious taste to the barfi Do try this at home Please subscribe, like, share, comment and click the bell icon for notifications Stay tuned for more videos

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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