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Sweet & Sour Meatballs with Rice (Recipe)



today I'll be making sweet and sour meatballs and I'll show you how to make the meatballs or how I make meatballs and also how to make sweet and sour sauce homemade the recipe for everything will be in the video description along with the measurements I've already got the ingredients lined up one egg a small potato and a quarter of an onion pepper and salt so the first thing were going to do is were going to grate the potato and onion into the hamburger which is already in the bowl as you can see you don't have to add a potato its just something I grew up on for meatballs and even hamburgers believe it or not and it helps keep the hamburger together that's the main reason and it also bulks up the hamburger a little bit too now were doing the onion this might be a little bit hard you don't want too much onion because it adds a lot of moisture next we'll add one teaspoon of salt and that's about two pounds of hamburger ground beef and just throw that in now we'll add the egg just one egg and lastly just a little bit of pepper not even probably half a teaspoon and that's it now we just have to mix through the hamburger and get all the ingredients together that's always hard to do might be easier to do it with your hands I'll do the rest with my hands otherwise we'll be here forever now the next thing we'll do is put the meatballs into the frying pan and I'll just ball up a couple and then let them fry and then we'll move onto the sauce and there will also be timestamps in the video description so you can skip ahead to the sauce if you don't want to watch the meat part now I will start to put the meatballs in and I'll just use a tablespoon and take a tablespoon full of meat and then roll it in a ball in my hand then put it in the frying pan they don't all have to be the same size so while those are frying we'll make the sauce and then we'll be putting the meatballs and the sauce into a roaster in the oven so now I'll be making the sauce I've got the one cup white sugar three quarter cup vinegar white vinegar one can of tomato sauce mustard and ketchup it does call for dry mustard but I usually only have prepared mustard so we'll put the one cup of sugar in there and I'll add the vinegar now I'll quickly open the can of tomato sauce and I'll add the can of tomato sauce I'll just scrape it out now we'll do a teaspoon of mustard and we'll put that in there now we'll do the one cup ketchup and of course it exploded might have to open a new ketchup that got kind of messy that's what ketchup does I'll go get a new ketchup and I'll be right back now I got a new ketchup so we'll just add the rest to the cup in here and that's about a cup and you just add that to the bowl and again I'll just scrape it out a bit now I'll just take the spoon that's what it looks like before it's mixed now I'll just take the spoon and mix it up and you want to mix it up until you can feel that the sugar dissolved sometimes it doesn't dissolve fully so that doesn't matter the heat from the oven once it's in a roaster will dissolve it the rest of the way and there's one other step after we stir this that I have to do yet and the last step will be adding corn starch and I've got Fleischmann's corn starch and I'll be adding two tablespoons now I have to add a little bit of cold water that's probably enough then you just stir it around a little bit try to dissolve everything now you add the corn starch to the sauce and you can see it there then you just stir it in and while it's in the roaster this corn starch will do it's job and thicken the sauce and I boiled some white rice earlier so these meatballs and sweet and sour sauce will be on rice so the next thing you'll see is probably the final product I'll put that over there for now and here is the roaster I'm going to use now the meatballs are done so I'm just going to add the sauce I'll give it a stir then just pour it in it might not cover the meatballs completely but that's okay because if you make a second recipe of the sauce or double the recipe you might end up with too much and you don't want meatball soup now I'll just give it a little shake and then put the lid on it and now it's into the oven now I'll be putting it in the oven for about half an hour and the next thing you should see is the meal I just took it out of the oven and it's nice and hot I warmed up the rice with some margarine now I'll just put on some sweet and sour sauce and the meatballs and the sauce is quite thick if you give it a day it'll get even thicker and there you have it sweet and sour meatballs on white rice subscribe or visit my YouTube channel

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