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Hi everyone nomoshkar and welcome to Curries With Bumbi Today I will be making a sweet tomato chutney

We Bengalis love having different type of sweet chutneys It is more or less like a sweet relish that is served at the very end of a meal and since it is sweet, it is really extremely satisfying after a heavy meal So let’s get started Start with making an X shaped incision on bottom side of the tomatoes then add them to a pot of boiling water The purpose here is to peel the skins so as to get a smooth chutney without any bits and pieces of skin which can sometimes be very annoying particularly for kids

In this way I promise you there will be no fuss at all and the chutney also tastes so smooth Just blanch the tomatoes for a few minutes As soon as you see the skin getting loose from the flesh like this then take them out and plunge them in a bowl of water Here I have taken about a tablespoon of golden raisins I added a little of this hot water to it to rehydrate them

Peel off the skins of the tomatoes once they are comfortable enough to handle Then just roughly chop them While chopping remove these round parts as these parts do not get much tender while cooking Tomatoes are at the peak of their season here in the US at this time so I am making this recipe now as we get beautiful ripe tomatoes during summer Always use bright red, ripe tomatoes for this recipe

For my viewers from India, please try this recipe when tomatoes are in season in winter I added a tablespoon of oil to my pot on medium high heat Once the oil turns hot add about 1/4th of a teaspoon of black mustard seeds Once the seeds splutter add a dry bay leaf Then add the tomatoes

Stir on high heat for a few minutes pressing the tomatoes with the back of your spoon Add about a teaspoon of grated ginger Drain out all the water in which you soaked the raisins and add them Then cover the pot on low heat Next I added just a tiny pinch of salt , about 5 tablespoons of sugar and very little dry red chili flakes

Red pepper flakes are totally optional I like that tiny hint of flavor so I add it I mashed up the tomatoes a little bit and again covered it on low heat In the meantime take a small pan , add about 1/4th of a teaspoon of panchforon and dry roast it for a few seconds on low heat Panchforon is made up of 5 different whole spices

You can skip this step entirely as i know panchforon is unavailable in most of the places but if you happen to have it in your pantry then please use it Grind it very well to a fine powder Please check out my cabbage curry recipe where i have explained everything in detail how to make panchforon My tomato chutney has started to thicken up now Do a taste test at this point and if you think you need more sugar which I do then add more to your desired level

The chutney has reduced quite a bit as you can see Now from this ground panchforon that we had made earlier add less than 1/4th of a teaspoon Do not add too much as the fenugreek seeds have a bitter taste A litttle goes a long way Do not let it thicken too much as the chutney does thicken up more as it cools down

Discard the bay leaf as it has done its job This is usually served at the very end of a meal with a crunchy papar or papadam which are like these crunchy round things made up of lentils You can even use it as a relish while making hamburgers or hotdogs I have this as a side with a bowl of rice You can store this for one day in the fridge but not longer than that

Please check my other recipes as well and if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing Eat healthy and stay healthy Bye bye

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