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Sweeto | Sweet dish recipe Sweeto | easy dessert recipe | Sweet recipe by Mera Sohna Punjab



Bismillah Irahman iraheem Asslamo Alaikum Welcome to Mera Sohna Punjab Before making video, it is my request to you guys to please subscribe my channel and also like my videos and also share my videos so that you can have more videos from this channel and you can enjoy/learn from our videos today we have come before you with a very delicious and great recipe A sweet recipe This is very easy and appetizing to cook It has a very low cooking time This recipe is cooked very deliciously in a very reasonable low time Just the way this sweet recipe is The same is it's name Friends

I am talking about "SWEETO" This name has been derived from Sweet This sweet recipe is liked by kids as well as young people Very easily cooked Even a person of little age can cook this recipe too Sometimes, a person's mode gets change and he want to have some sweet but he does not want to eat zarda or halva He want's something different and tasty Therefore, today we are making a different recipe from Halva and Zarda For cooking Sweet, we will take a pan Add two table spoons of pure ghee/oil heat it up a little After it has been heated well Add cardamom in it We are using three cardamoms We will fry cardamom in it When the cardamom has been fried well and taste has been mixed with oil We will add "sooji" in it Friends We are cooking sweet by using half litre milk For half litre milk we are adding two table spoon suji Fry "sooji in it very well Don't cook too much We don't want it to be brown It should have it's original colour Keep it white We will fry it a little and then add milk in it keeping moving the spoon so that it does not get brown When it starts chaging colour, add half litre milk for one litre milk, add four table spoon of sooji in it When the milk is ready to be boiled We will add sugar in it three table spoon sugar is being added You can use as per your taste After adding sugar, we will cook it until it gets sticky We will cook it for about 7 to 8 minutes after adding sugar 5/7 minutes is the cooking time of this recipe After cooking you can see, it is quite ready It will get more sticky after getting cool Friends our sweet delicious recipe "Sweet is ready"

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New Cookery Recipes
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