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Swiss Chalet Poutine Wood Fired Pizza Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking



welcome friends welcome to pizza of the week and so this is a bit of a wild card I had an idea and we'll see how it turns out so I don't know if you are on team St Hubert or maybe team Swiss Chalet either way I think this would work with either company's product so I've got the I've got the pizza dough floured on both sides and you just make a dimple around the edge just to define where the crust of the pizza is going to be and then down through the center and you just kind of push it out now for those of you who are not in Canada and have no clue about Swiss Chalet or say to bear they're both kind of this rotisserie chicken place it's rotisserie chicken and chips and they both have these sauces that I think are amazing same to bear is mostly in Quebec as Swiss Chalet is mostly in Ontario and Western Canada so you pick up your dough and it fit is going correctly it will sort of stretch itself this one's a little bit cool so I might have to put my fists underneath and just stretch it out a little bit don't be too forceful you don't have to throw it around much just be gentle it'll do what it's supposed to do and then down on to the peel just kind of stretch it a little bit try to shape it into more of a circle if you can now I'm gonna hit this with some Chalet sauce love this stuff I can drink it right out of the cup I wish I could figure out the secret to this sauce it is more secretive than KFC or coca-cola now rotisserie chicken we're going to throw on some strips of chicken and I've cut this off earlier you could use white meat or dark meat I've got some other french fries used to really love their french fries all right they're not as good as they used to be but you know I guess that's with everything – and because I'm in Canada I'm gonna turn this into pretend so I've got some cheese curds and just spread the cheese curds out over top and I'm gonna take this opportunity to say to Ontario cheese producers why is it so hard for me in Ontario to get decent cheese curds you can go to any dip in ER in Quebec and get amazing squeaky cheese curds here in Ontario we suffer with this stuff it's almost cheddar at this point now because this is put in just drizzle a little bit of sauce over the top just to get on top of the cheese and it's out to the oven and into the oven and just get in there and give it a turn just so it cooks evenly oh is that why there was fish jelly in the fridge yes I was trying to figure that out what's oh you go away one night and suddenly you come home and there's Swiss Chalet in the fridge yep so there you go Swiss Chalet put in pizza sure why not yeah okay I'm ready cheese curds I mean got it to my mouth it's falling off okay I got it I got it I've got a safe maybe a little more sauce all the flavors are there but I look I should I could dip this I could heat the sauce you just dip it dip the pizza in the sauce yeah it's a bit bland I think in this version so maybe more sauce but it's hard to tell the sauce because sometimes sauce is just to mix it too soggy make it too soggy you remember a few pizzas ago the pesto the pastor was too much okay I don't know that I'm fond of the fries though I am I guess this is all mine all this pizza belongs to me the chips are really crunchy I know it flips between chips and fries mm-hmm I lose mine is definitely for you more sauce I pour I'd heat up some sauce and pour it on top after it comes out right for more on before and it pour more on I'm amazed you had sauce left over – I wouldn't put on this pizza I would to be I would dip the pizza in the sauce I would drink the sauce as I'm eating the pizza I'm fully aware thanks for stopping by see you can sue

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