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TAIWANESE SWEET POTATO BALLS DESSERT RECIPE || Easy Recipe for Pumpkin and Taro balls || 台灣九份地瓜圓芋圓



I love anything that's chewy and QQ in texture This is the perfect dessert to satisfy my cravings So, let's get started I am using pumpkin, purple and yellow sweet potato

Steam it for about 20-30 mins or until it's softened You can check it by poking a chopstick through the potato It should be able to poke all the way through Mash the potato while it's still hot I am switching to a rolling pin to mash it more evenly Add in 55g of tapioca starch Mix it using a fork Mix it till it's crumbly like this Create a small hollow hole And pour 3 tablespoons of hot water into it Leave the water in the mixture for 30secs You should see a sticky mixture being formed Then, start stirring and mix it up When it starts to get harder to mix using a fork Start using your hands to mix and form it into a dough It should look like this, smooth nice little dough Cut it into half, cover the other half with a cling wrap to prevent it from drying Roll the first half of the dough into long strip Then, cut each ball to around 1 inch wide Try to round up the edges of the balls Continue doing it for the 2nd half of the dough Sprinkle tapioca starch on surface to prevent it from sticking Keep it aside with cling wrap covering it Now, do the same process for yellow sweet potato too Add in 55g of tapioca starch The amount of water might varies depending on the dryness of the potato You can always add more water if you feel that the mixture is too dry to form a smooth dough It looks so pretty, reminds me of play-doh haha It's kind of therapeutic doing all these balls rolling For pumpkin balls, remember not to add any more water As pumpkin already has water content in it after steaming Boil a large pot of water Add in the potato balls once water is boiling Potato balls will start floating up, cook for another 1min

Use a strainer to scoop all the cooked balls Put it into a bowl of ice cold water This process will make the balls become QQ and chewier Drain the potato balls from the cold water and place into another clean bowl Add in 2 tablespoons of sugar to prevent it from sticking You can add in more sugar if you prefer it to be sweeter too And it's done! Do the same cooking process for the rest of the sweet potato and pumpkin balls Look at all the 3 pretty colours! Nice chewy and bouncy sweet potato balls It's time to create your own dessert! I'm using sweetened grass jelly as my base And additional green beans as topping Pouring in fresh milk And the dessert is finally done, dig in time! Thanks for watching! Remember to like and subscribe to my channel!

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