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Tasty CHICKPEAS Recipe (VEGAN Garbanzo Beans)



"In food, excellent medicine can be found" "In food, bad medicine can be found

" Hippocrates Hi welcome to Latina Med I'm doctor Adriana Today, I will show you how to make the most delicious chickpeas recipe This healthy vegan dish will make any meat-eater fall in love

I want to point out that I'm not a vegetarian Later I will tell you why But first, it is essential to wash our hands Let's get started! Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans are very hard But don't worry, I'm about to show you how to soften them like a pro

Soak the chickpeas in hot water At least 8 hours before cooking them Add one teaspoon of baking soda Mix well and let it rest This process will help you feel less bloated and less gassy after eating legumes

I'm going to cook one pound of garbanzo beans Don't use canned food it has a lot of sodium and preservatives Use the natural ones These are less processed Chickpeas are a great source of protein and fiber that improves digestion

They also have vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, C, E, and K Garbanzo beans also have minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus We need one big white onion Remember to clean all the vegetables before using them Let me know if you want a video about how to wash the fruits and vegetables

We also need two garlic cloves you can peel the garlic by pressing it hard with anything you have available Then you can easily remove the skin with your fingers And finally, add three tomatoes Keep in mind that some types of tomatoes are only for salads

We have to use tomatoes that work for sauces I'm going to use a food processor to make my life easier But you can also chop the vegetables in small pieces Then pour some olive oil and wait until it's hot Then add the onion and the garlic with a pinch of salt

Wait a few minutes and add the tomatoes Rinse the garbanzo beans and get rid of the bad ones Add them to the pot Add enough water to cover the ingredients, and even a little more Then, add two teaspoons of salt

One teaspoon of turmeric And all the oregano you want Turmeric adds beautiful color and it's an excellent anti-inflammatory I don't like to say how many portions come out of this amount of ingredients Because every person has different nutritional needs

In general terms, this should be enough for five to six average adults Why am I not a vegetarian? As a doctor I have learned that most people will develop nutritional deficiencies when they stop eating animal foods I am NOT saying you shouldn't be a vegetarian There are ways to do it correctly But unfortunately not everyone does it right and there is a risk to it

That's why a vegetarian person should have regular appointments with a doctor and a nutritionist to ensure optimal levels of vitamins and minerals But the truth is that we overeat animal protein That's why I try to have at least one vegetarian day every week The cooking time can be different depending on the pressure cooker and the number of ingredients In our case it took 40 minutes from the time we seal the pressure cooker at medium heat

Don't let them dry This is how they should look I love cilantro Add it when serving for an excellent final flavor I hope you like this delightful chickpeas recipe

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