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Tasty, Delicious Cauliflower Oil-Free Vegan Recipe | Cooking Frozen Cauliflower in Air Fryer



hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I'm going to share with you multicolored cauliflower and it's a frozen it has a steam-able bags inside this is how the cauliflower looks it's all frozen when we're going to steam it in microwave it becomes mushy you really don't enjoy when you eat cauliflower you need nice and firm florets today I'm going to share with you how we're going to keep our florets nice and firm and I'm going to use it air fryer and let's get started I am going to you use the two bags what I will do all cut them open I'm going to open the air fryer we are not going to add anything I'll place cauliflower in there in the second bag you can break it or you can leave it as is that's no problem just like this we're going to place it into the air fryer we're going to make sure this snaps in we're going to plug it in and we're going to power and we're going to keep the temperature on 400 degrees Fahrenheit and we're going to start it fifteen minutes after ten minutes of cooking I'm going to open it then I'm going to check it if we need more cooking then we'll cook it more for five minutes so altogether 15 minutes it would be all ready it's exactly 10 minute five more minutes to go on open it as you open it's going to shut off itself if we check the florets see there is no ice in there but as I mentioned that after 10 minutes it's important that we shake it like this now we need to put it back again it's going to start at the same time we don't have to do anything so I'll pick up the time as we open another five minutes so within 15 minutes it will be perfectly done well perfection we are almost done it's one more minute once we're going to hear the final beep then we're going to open it we have altogether 15 minutes you can let it sit for another minute or so that's not going to hurt but I'm going to take it out look at this all steamy nice you can hear the crunch firm and I'm going to take it out take I will put it into the plate colorful cauliflower you always can sprinkle with parsley salt black pepper I'm going to use white pepper on this one sprinkle to your taste this is perfect and salt and parsley flakes and if I taste it well this is so firm mmm very good and now these are nice and firm florets you can use in a rice pilaf they're going to stay firm and if you use microwave then they get mushy I hope you liked this quick and easy tutorial how to make cauliflower in airfryer if you liked this video please like share and subscribe easy steps cooking thank you then you have a good day bye bye

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