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My son likes this Mullet fish a lot Clean Fish properly, removing blood can keep the fish tastes better It's not good for health if you didn't clean the fish properly

It's fish egg, good for health Remove the skin properly using knife or anything I learnt this on my own because of my own interest My son always criticize my recipe Son: Did I ask you to tell this to visitors? ha ha 🙂 Let's start cooking Give me salt and turmeric

It smells better if you wash the fish using salt and turmeric powder These pieces are for gravy This fish name is Madavai in Tamil, English name: Mullet fish Grind coconut, pepper, Jeera, Saunf, small size onions use rice water to mix the tamarind and keep the water so that it brings taste compared to normal water Filter the tamarind water properly Use 3 to 4 tomatoes Use hands to crush tomato It is always better Mix the grinded coconut paste in this tamarind water Add chilli powder Add coriander powder This preparation is for Kuzhambu (Gravy) Add little bit turmeric Let's do fish fry preparation: Take chillli powder Add stone salt Add little bit turmeric Add remaining few grinded coconut paste Mix it well Apply this paste on fish pieces Keep this away for 15 to 20 mins Use gingelly oil or sesame oil Little bit ground nut oil This is called vadagam (Indian seasoning) Mentioned in the description with link about how to prepare 'Vadagam' Let the vadagam get the heat, with utensils Then pour the mixed tamarind water it should sound like this when you pour the tamarind water

Pour ground nut oil to fry the fish Also little bit sesame oil Flip after 2 mins, so that it won't be sticky Now put the head pieces on this gravy Keep the fish egg for fish fry, it will be very tasty Always cook the egg separate, don't mix it with other pieces Else the eggs will broke and spoil the dish Keep the gravy in low heat now Tasting for salt and taste 🙂 If you add tangy mango, the fish gravy will be super tasty

Let the mango cook for just 3 to 5 mins Fish fry prepared 🙂 Rice is so hot Salt for people who they need it The gravy is so tangy and tasty 😀 Another day will be another dish Thanks for watching 🙂

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