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Tasty Mughlai Paratha | Mughlai Paratha Recipe | Bengali Mughlai Paratha



Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel tangy kitchen Today we will make Muglai Paratha We add lots of vegetables in it You can give it in lunch box to kids You can serve in as breakfast or dinner Which is famous in Haydrabad Let's start making Paratha 1 CUP OF MAID ADD 1- TBSP OIL, 1/2 TSP BAKING POWDER,SALT TO TASTE Mix all and make dough with warm water Like roti CAPSICUM- 1/2 CUP CABBAGE- 1/2 CUP ONION- 1/2 CUP CARROT- 1/2 CUP(FINELY CHOPPED) PANEER- 1/2 CUP CORIANDER LEAVES- 1/2 CUP PEAS- 1/2 CUP BOILED OIL – 2 TBSP RED CHILLY POWDER- 1/2 TSP GREEN CHILLY- 2, CHOPPED GINGER SMALL AND GARLIC -4 BOIL POTATO-1 CHAAT MASALA – 1 TSP JEERA POWDER- 1 TSP JEERA- 1 TSP SALT TO TASTE TURMERIC POWDER- 1/2 TSP CORIANDER POWDER- 1 TSP AESAFETIDA- 1/4 TSP Let's start making Muglai Paratha Put non stick kadai on gas add 2- tbsp oil in it Oil is heated now add jeera Jeera is roasted now Add asafeatida and ginger ,chilly and garlic paste Add onion Mix well roast till onion get light pink in colour Onion became light pink Add capsicum Add carrot and cabbage Keep the flame slow Add coriander powder and red chilly powder Add turmeric powder Add jeera powder and chaat masala Mix well Cook till vegetables became crunchy Add smashed potato Add boiled peas Add paneer Add coriander leaves and salt to taste Mix well Stuffing became ready now and off the gas Make 3 equal peda from dough Take peda dust with flour Roll with rolling pin Make big roti Take stuffing with spoon Put stuffing between paratha Make 3 equal part of stuffing so that we can easily stuff it Spread stuffing with spoon evenly Close paratha Again dust with flour Sprinkle flour both side Roll with rolling pin Make square paratha Paratha is ready now Put tava on gas Tava is heated now put paratha in it Keep the flame slow Meanwhile prepare another Paratha Flip paratha Flip from another side Add oil on it Flip Paratha and add oil another side Give little press with flat spoon So that it become crisp You can use whole wheat flour also Paratha became golden grown Paratha is ready take out into a plate Prepare left over paratha same way Muglai Paratha is ready now Serve with tomato ketch up You surely try it at home If you like my video Than give LIKE and SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE for more recipes Will you meet again THANK YOU BYE

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