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Hello everyone, welcome back, I'm Vanessa! Today I show you this simple recipe! If you follow me on Twitter, you already know what I'm talking about well, you should! I should have loaded a tutorial of decorated cookies, but honestly I did not have time to decorate cookies, I hope to upload the video next week! The plan is this, we'll see how it goes Today's recipe is very simple, just a few ingredients are enough! These cookies they are vegans, it was not planned, but they are I have to warn you, the dough is extremely sticky seriously, it's very sticky! But it's very good, so we forgive him, right? I used oat flakes in this recipe we can pretend that cookies are healthy they are, more or less but they are still cookies! They are healthier of others, so we can eat them all and be proud of it! No, I'm joking! Do not eat all the cookies at once! But they are really good they are soft biscuits they are not crispy, no, they are like soft pancakes in the form of cookies, fantastic, no? Let me know if you like the recipe, leave me a comment, and if you are not yet subscribed to the channel subscribe! The "subscribe" button is there for a reason !! You know you want to click on it! Furthermore if you sign up for the channel, you will not get lost my recipes, which is a huge advantage, eh ?? Did I convince you? I hope so! Ok, I stop talk, I leave you to the recipe! To next week! Hello! STEP 1: MIX THE INGREDIENTS IN A LITTLE BOWL AND FORM THE COOKIES! THAT'S ALL! 1 BANANA MATURA PEANUT BUTTER SUGAR MUSCOVADO ADD FLOUR TO POCO A POCO COMPLETE RECIPE UNDER THE VIDEO CHOCOLATE DROPS AND OATS

Source: Youtube

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