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Hey everybody, welcome to scrap cooking We're doing a really special episode this week

It's gonna be our love letter to the neighborhood in Ottawa called venue, which is a very diverse neighborhood and it's just awesome I love it And we're going to be doing a love letter to venue We're going to be cooking with ingredients that we've got from three different stores that are there So the Latino Mercado on Montreal road, the supermarket green fresh that's just off of Montreal road, as well as the Moosa market that's on MacArthur

So we're going to be doing a dish that is a traditional Mexican dish from the Yucatan called cooking eat up the bill It is traditionally done with porque however, the diversity of the venue neighborhood includes people of all faiths and colors and backgrounds So we want to make sure that everybody is included So we're going to do with with chicken And so Traditionally, the bell pork is been marinated with Seville oranges which are bitter and a bunch of spices one most notable being annatto seeds, which are these little tiny little seeds, but they're brightly colored and they use it for for dyeing things

So actually, he the orange cheese that we're all familiar with It was originally dyed with an ad Oh, so it has this really cool earthy flavor And so we're not going to use the seeds themselves, we're going to use a pace that you can get at them or cut out Latina So it's called NGO day And it's a mix of the ground and natto seeds as well as a whole bunch of spices

So we're going to be using that as well as some spices that we got at Moosa Since we don't have bitters Seville oranges are hard to come by up here we're going to use a blend of grapefruit, orange and lime And that will sort of mimic the bitterness and the sourness of those oranges We're also going to make a lime crema to put on top, as well as some pickled onions that are traditionally served with that and they're going to go on some corn tortillas, which we also got at the Mercado the size these ones, the little ones are my favorite They're what you would get if you were in Mexico City And when I was there, I ate all of the tacos

And they were the best in the world that I've ever had And they do the little little ones, and they put two on top of each other So that one when it gets full of liquid because they're corn, they break but then the bottom one catches it so that it's not everywhere Unless you're me, in which case it's everywhere no matter what you do So yeah, so let's get started

So the first thing we're going to do is we're going to start toasting our spices So traditionally, you would use whole spices, but for simplicity and time, we're going to use some ground spices So we're just going to put them in a dry pan and toast them, just until you can start smelling the spices So even when you open it, you can already smell the spices So we're going to do about this is ground clove

So we're going to put about a spoon in there We're going to put a spoon of cumin and a spoon of black pepper, that sort of coarsely ground and we're going to do that and then we're just gonna toast them on low this Isn't induction top so they get hot quite quickly clean up but this one on three just to get them going If you're using a electric stove, you would want to put it sort of on low And if you're using a gas stove, I put it on medium low So we're just going to kind of let that go until we can kind of smell it

In the meantime, we're going to cut up some white onions that we're going to slice as thin as we can so that they kind of melt into the chicken when it's cooking in the oven So next on our list of things to do are going to take an orange grapefruit and one line We're going to zested all into our onions and then we're going to juice them into the onions So Got this handy tool it's called the zester And I'm just going to take the zest off which is where all those nice aromatic oils are they give you that orange flavor

And but if you don't have a fancy zester, that's no worry about it, that's fine, you can use the small edge of your grater You just have to be really careful not to put too much of the piss in it because it's bitter But I mean in this dish, the bitters not so bad So now if you have a reamer or a juicer, just a little hand guy, go right ahead and use that I and if you don't have those, I like to do it into thirds So sort of like just on the other side of the middle So that we don't get the core of it and then we cut it in half

And then we'll take the middles out I find that an easy way if you don't have a So once it's on its side where all the segments meet in the middle, we're just gonna cut that out I find it easier to see it if you've got big seeds, like in the grapefruit So these ones came out with that, so that's good, kind of check the other ones you can see

So we just kind of take the tip of the knife and pull them out a couple in there as well So we'll put the seeds in our compost So these guys I just take them in my hand You could also throw them in your water Just good and I just started Please them out

Then they can go in the compost, have got all that juice in there and get the NGO ready to go We can add it in there So it's a little it's a little brick and it is going to color your hands So like to break it up into small little pieces Now we've got four chicken breasts, so I'm going to say we probably need about half of this block

Another way you can do it is you can put the Zeus and the Zeus juice with zest in a blender with the NGO j and and blend it all together That works as well And then we're going to mix it in but we really want to break it up so it might need to sit Because we want it to kind of dissolve might need to sit in the bowl with the juice just for a little bit just so that it makes it easier to dissolve it thing is you can get your hands in there So we're gonna check over at our spices

Oh yeah, we got some nicer Romans going on So we're just gonna get those in there And then we're gonna add some Mexican oregano, which got up the Mercado So I'm going to put in about a quarter cup, maybe an eighth of a cup to a quarter cup mix that all in there

And then the next step we're going to do is cut up our chicken and add it in there and then let it all hang out together Now we're going to take our chicken we got Moosa We're just going to put it on some paper towel so that we can just pat it dry, makes it easier to handle so it's not slipping sliding on yet on the cutting board So we're just going to cut it into little pieces So probably in about three and then two boat, one inch cubes, and we're gonna add it into our onion and to demyx There we go We're gonna make sure it's nice and mixed and the, the acid in there from the, from the citrus is gonna break down some of the meat proteins for us

It's gonna have that lovely sort of sour taste and it's going to get that earthy taste from the annatto see In the NGO and gonna have a little bit of sweetness from those onions, and all that beautiful spices in there So here we go, there's our chicken and put it in fridge Okay, now that our chickens in the fridge, we're gonna do a couple one more thing that's gonna go in there So we're gonna block in this garlic, we're gonna take a take the top off and then probably use about half of it Cut out that bottom part so that we can take the clothes off, but we're gonna save all this garlic stuff in our little garlic

little garlic guy that we've got going on, maybe maybe we need one more So I've got my pan on, that had the spices in it, I just wiped it out, just with a towel straw, it's fine So we're going to throw these guys in there And traditionally, we would maybe skewer them and put them over some coals to get them nice and black and get some of that charred charcoal smoke in there But since we are lacking a charcoal grill, we're gonna do it in the pan

So I put it up to on the induction, I put it up to seven We might need to put it higher, but we're just going to test that and see how that goes But if you were at home with an electric stove, I probably put it up to seven or sort of mid high and if you were on a gas stove, I put it up to medium high, if not high So we're gonna Just started on that and see how it goes What we're looking for is for the skin to kind of block in, and then we'll peel it off but a little bit of that char kind of goes into the, into the dish

Alright, so we're just gonna take, take that off, they come nicely off now that they've been toasted We're just gonna cut it up a little bit and add it to our chicken and we're gonna do I got some banana leaves, which I got from this screen, super fresh green market, either in the freezer, so you can do it year round, but we won't use them all So we'll put some back in The freezer afterwards but traditionally wrapped the meat in little parcels and in the banana leaves and then you put them in a hole in the ground that's got hot rocks all around it and you slow cook it in the pit in in the ground which is so awesome However, we do not have a pit but I do have a clay pot, you can use Dutch oven and we are gonna take this banana leaf and we're going to cut it down so that it's going to line the whole clay pot and go over top of it So it's going to get a little bit of that rubbish lessness from the banana leaf as it cooks, and then you don't eat the banana leaf

kind of think of it as like an enormous bay leaf in that way where you're just trying to get the flavor out of it as it's cooking And then you, you discard it, but it also really helps keep all the moisture inside Because you really want that to be nice and juicy and have all that wonderful flavor so we don't want it to dry out So that's one of the reasons why they do that as well We're just gonna cut some of that

That brown edge off So we're gonna take our pot, we're just gonna line it seems we're not putting the whole we're not putting it in the ground We don't need banana leaf everywhere So just this one little strip is fine And then we're going to cut another piece that's going to go on top and keep some of that moisture in

But so now that we've got our banana leaf and We've got our chicken that's been marinating We're gonna add it in and put this guy on top and just fold over the edges Nice banana leaf parcel And then we're gonna throw it in the oven All right, so now that we've got our chicken in the oven, we're gonna work on some of the garnishes

So we're gonna make some pickled red onions One of my favorite garnishes, and we're gonna slice up some radishes and make some lime crema So got this nice, beautiful red onion and cut the top off The bottom off and cut it in half I think we probably only need half Lana, put that aside and use it later And these pieces I'm gonna put in my stockpiles and take the first layer off, add it to my stockpile and I'm going to take that little thin membrane off because I find it gets really slippery in your hands and then you want to make sure that you're not to slip slide in the way

I'm also going to take that little route and out which are fine to eat but not in the application that we're doing it So unlike the onions for the chicken, we want to make these just a little bit thicker because when we add the vinegar or the hot vinegar to it, they're going to kind of release some of their water in it They're going to shrink a little bit So if they're you shrink, if you cut them super, super thin, and you add the hot water then they kind of they're almost like disintegrate into nothing So we want them to have a little bit of a bite to them

So I'm gonna cut that piece out, and we're gonna sew that There we go So we're going to put these onions in this bowl here And for this one, we're going to use some cider vinegar, but you can use white vinegar or white wine vinegar or any other vinegar that you prefer So in my little pot, we're going to put, I'd say probably boat, we had a cup and a half

So my pot here has a measure measuring on the inside And then we're going to add about a quarter of water, put it down and we're just going to bring it up to a boil and then pour it over top have our onions and we're going to add a little bit of salt So there we go Turn it up all the way this time

Alright, so we're also going to add one chef pinch of salt All right, wait till that comes up to boil In the meantime, we are going to get our yogurt and maybe put a cup as well as pinch salt And we're going to take one of our lines and our resistor or your small greater Now we're gonna assess some of that lines this in into her yogurt

And I am going to cut it into three as I like to do and it will just depend on the line and the yogurt how much we're going To add, so it's gonna require tasting it because some yogurt is has more fat in it, so you might need a bit more and some is a little bit thinner so you don't want to add too much juice So, I'm gonna stir it up so we get sort of our lump So we're gonna add we don't really want to curdle it, so we're just gonna add it and quickly save it Most of that flavor, the yogurts already a little bit tangy because it's yogurt You could use sour cream as well if you prefer

And the nice lime flavor is going to come from the zest So just gonna Mm hmm Nice and tart is going to be really nice with that sort of earthy meat That's awesome

Well, you know, that's nice and easy, and she's done All right I'll put that in the fridge while we're waiting Okay, now we've got a nice, hard boil, kind of just pour it over our onions And now we're just gonna let them sit I'm gonna try to break them up a little bit with our tongs and they get that they go that bright pink color that I love so much

But you will get a good waft of vinegar on the face, which is always good Don't clear your sinuses out so so we're gonna wait until that cools down And then we can put it in the fridge once it's cool enough to go in the fridge and then it's ready for for garnishing or our little tacos cutter nice radishes And really we're just gonna slice them nice and thin

You can do it either way The little top, you can cut it if you're doing it this way It's fine Cut them as thick or thin as you want The thinner they are, the less bite they have to them and sometimes that's desirable and sometimes it's not depending on who you are

To is good Put that guy in the compost You can put it in there too And we're just gonna fill it up with cold water and put it in the fridge because they kind of take on the water and they get a little bit firmer so they have that nice crunch to it which I love With radishes now, we're just gonna get some cilantro Washington picked

Now if you are not a fan of slant or or you are one of the humans who tastes soap when they get when they eat cilantro, no fear you can use parsley instead I on the other hand loves cilantro So we're just going to pick off the leaves And cilantro is one of those Herbes that grows And depending on where it's grown, the when it's raining, the rain can hit the sandy soil that it's in and kind of hit the sand up into the leaves

So they're often very gritty So they always, always need to be washed These ones are particularly gritty, but that's okay, so I'm gonna run it underwater, jostle it some more, and then we're gonna let it sit for About 10 minutes because the dirt is actually heavier than the leaves So the dirt will fall to the bottom And then you can pull it, pull the nice clean leaves out, and then you have this sort of Sandy pile in the bottom of the water

Okay, so chickens fit in for an hour and a half and we're going to see what it looks like If we want to make it super, super tender, we could probably leave it in for another half hour, even an hour to get it really tender But if you're short on time, it's still cooked Just won't be as holy a party But we're going to check it out and see see what it looks like

You can see how the chicken kind of you can kind of squish it and it kind of pulls apart That's what you want So if you leave it in a little bit longer, you'll get to it'll pull apart a little bit easier But I think we are good to where we are for For me

That's nice and I can see the onions are in there but they've kind of almost melted a little bit And another thing you can use to break up your chicken is a potato masher I have found that that helps pull it apart I'm just going to put some in a little dish so it'll be easier Arianna put this one on the induction burner to about eight

want it to be hot but not crazy I might put it a little bit higher because I found this particular burner took a little bit longer to heat up Now we're going to do four and I'm going to pull this cilantro out of the bowl That way the dirt sits at the bottom And we're also going to chop these lines up a little bit to stand a little wedges

But everybody gets a little lime wedge with their tacko or some extra acidity, lovely pickled onions we're going to put in a little bowl So I'm just gonna wet my hands just so and then you can spray the the pan and you know it's getting hot So we're gonna put a couple of these guys in there We want them to be nice and brown on the bottom They seem they're warm, they've got that lovely smell sort of toasted corn, and they're just delicious

I love love corn tortillas So you can do it Mexico City style where you dump I'm up and I'm gonna put some of our chicken couple couple pieces of pickled onion, some radish, that's a large radish I'm just going to eat it some cilantro, a little bit of our line crema And a little spritz of wine Not really nice

You really get that annatto and all the spices come through the chicken Nice and saucy Thanks so much for watching This very special vanie edition of scrap cooking I love letter to van

Yay We just want to have a big shout out to green fresh supermarket and Mercado Latina and Moosa market for having all these wonderful ingredients that we used And I really thank you for watching and I can't wait to see you for the next one We've got another special episode, Ottawa based same neighborhood but a little bit on the other side So we're going to be doing Beachwood

Next one and I can't wait for you guys to come check it out I'm going to eat this taco cuz I love tacos And I'm also going to throw a little bit of these charred flowers that we happen to have growing in the garden on top of it But thanks again and we'll see you next time

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