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Tawa Pizza Without Yeast-Chicken Pizza Recipe-Homemade Pan Pizza In Urdu 2019



In this video i am making chicken pizza on tawa without yeast step by step i will explain the procedure and we will also make pizza sauce in it

Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcom to love 2 cook, you can do it! the best place for easy cooking now knead it while adding milk as required we will not make very hard dough so the pizza crust remain soft now apply some oil on the top and cling wrap it or cover it with kitchen towal and leave it for minimum four and maximum 12 hours the more rest you will give more complex and tasy flavour will develope

lets prepaire the chicken mix all the spices and mrinade chicken for 1/2 an hour you can give any flavour to chicken, tandori, achari etc it 1/2 an hour now, add chicken in the skillete and 1/2 tbs oil or ghee put it on stove, cover, cook for 3 minutes on medium flame and then cook on low flame until the meat is tender now lets make pizza sauce take half cup water and put tomato and garlic in it

let it cook for 5 minutes on hignh flame, covered now take out tomatoes and remove its skin add back to water and add other spices cook for 15 minutes on medium low flame and then blend it in the blender now our dough is ready, puch it a little

devide it in two parts make it flat with rolling pin preheat tawa for 3 minutes on medium flame put the bread on tawa and cook it for 3 minutes on very low flame when bubbles starts appearing on the top, then turn it upside down

now cook for 3 minutes on low flame put some oil on the pizza and turn it now topping time! apply pizza sauce add bichamel sauce or mozrilla and chadder cheese shreded arrange chicken

arrange capcicum, toamto and onions add little more sauce or cheese arrange olives black and green and cover it with mozzrilla cheese slices cover it with larg pot and cook it for 4 minutes or until cheese melts

our pizza is ready without oven and without yeast do tell me in comments did you enjoyed the video to watch such detailed recipes hit the subscribe button and the bell icon press the bell icon otherwise you will not be able to see my new videos like this video and share it with your friends and family

Source: Youtube

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